100 Things To Strike Off From Your Bucket List Before You Turn 45!

By Rashmi Wickramasinghe | 11, Sep, 2018
100 Things To Strike Off From Your Bucket List Before You Turn 45!

Your 45th year is a milestone, you aren’t exactly old but you are young enough to do something crazy like jumping off a cliff and into the ocean. You may or may not have kids; you may even be a working woman who is busy trying to balance everything on her plate. Most women live their whole lives catering to their loved ones and forgetting about themselves.

Women are taught to dread their 40s but honestly your 40s are a great time! You may be having a certain bucket list of things you’d like to achieve and are now thinking maybe cause you are older you cannot achieve those anymore, but that is not true! You can do it! Age is just a number and there are so many realistic things you can do before you are 45!

Listed below are 100 amazing things you can do before you are 45!

1. Go for Umrah and Hajj

This should be on anyone’s list and be sure to go before you are too old and frail to.

2. Learn Arabic

Learning to speak another language is fun and learning Arabic will allow you to read the Quran in its original language. This will also help you lead a productive Muslim life.

3. Witness the Taj Mahal at night

A monument which signifies love, its majesty is best witnessed at night. This is a great experience to have with your significant other or even your whole family.

4. Have gelato in Rome

Nothing beats gelato from its place of origin, and who doesn’t love it?!

5. Watch a meteor shower

Keep tabs on a forecast for a meteor shower, and enjoy its splendour.

6. Witness cherry blossoms in Japan

Pink pastels and delicate petals raining all over you, now isn’t that a vision? Make sure to try McDonalds’ trending seasonal range of cherry blossom flavoured drinks and food items!

7. Visit the Louvre

Everyone needs some art in their life. The Louvre houses some of the old masters greatest masterpieces, be sure to pay a visit to decipher Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile.

8. Go solo!

Travel is a great way to rediscover yourself and a must before you hit your mid 40s, so go out there and explore!

9. Go on a hot air balloon ride

Enjoy splendid views from the vantage point of a floating hot air balloon!

10. Experience zero gravity

Picture: Skydiving.com

Always wanted to know what it’s like for astronauts? Go ahead and experience it to know! Indoor sky diving is the next best thing to a zero gravity simulation.

11. Create your very own family recipe book

You’ve been following your grandmother’s and mother’s recipes for years now, so why not create your very own recipe book to be passed on from generation to generation?!

12. Visit the Pyramids of Giza

Witness the majestic tombs of the old Pharaohs.

13. Watch a Broadway Musical

Who doesn’t love musicals?! The place to enjoy one is in Broadway itself, book your tickets and head over to the Big Apple to experience musical joy!

14. Go on a cruise

Going on a cruise is a great holiday option as it will take you to multiple locations while you get to enjoy the many facilities of a luxury boat. This would be a great opportunity to have some bonding time with your family.

15. Ride a Gondola in Venice

The infamous Gondola ride is a must for everyone, let your ultimate romantic fantasy be true in Venice!

16. Complete a journal

You are nearing your mid 40s and it is important that you know who you are; keeping a journal will help you preserve memories, good or bad. Between a job (if you are working) and family life you may tend to lose sight of yourself, so keeping a journal will help you tackle the stress.

17. Take a photo everyday for a year

This is a great activity to do just for yourself and to witness your day to day changes and record what you were going through those days.

18. Watch the Olympics in person

Watching the Olympics on TV is great and all but it cannot beat the real life experience. It is time to get your competitiveness on and witness the Olympics in person.

19. Visit a Chocolate Factory

Everyone loves chocolate but do you know how this world wide loved candy is made? Why not visit a factory?!

20. Go old school and make a physical family album

Everyone has a digital album, may it be on the phone or the laptop, but the nostalgia of actual photographs will never go away. So get some of the best photos printed from a colour lab and compile them into albums, this is also a fun way for the family to bond over memories.

21. Start gardening

Nothing is more fulfilling than gardening and growing your own vegetables. So put on those gardening gloves and start digging.

22. Try a new hair colour

Always wanted to change your hair colour? Go for it! Don’t wait any longer wondering what you would look like in burgundy highlights; give your hair the glam treatment!

23. Let your family members know you love them everyday

Make it a point to tell your family members you love them before one day it’s too late.

24. Go to the top of the Eiffel tower

Paris is whole lot different from the top!

25. Prioritise ‘me time’

It’s time to prioritise yourself, you’ve made sure your kids had done their homework, you tuck them to bed, and you make sure your family has a great meal, but what about you? Taking care of yourself should be number one on your list!

26. Donate to a charity organisation

As a citizen of this world you should always help the needy, and the best way to do that is to donate to a good charity organisation which helps people who are less fortunate than yourself. These days donating is just a click away.

27. Jump off a cliff and into the ocean

Be daring! Jump off the edge!

28. Treat yourself to a solo dinner at a fancy restaurant

Having family dinners is great but it is also important to have some me time. So make a reservation at that one fancy restaurant you want to go to and head off for a nice meal and great company – you!

29. Master a new cuisine

Cooking the same old food day in and day out can get boring so why not spice things up by learning a new cuisine! Invite your friends and family to show them what you have learned and to enjoy a good meal.

30. Find a fitness routine which fits you

Watching all these fitness videos on line and seeing the toned bodies of celebs everywhere you look can take a hit on your self esteem, but fitness doesn’t always have to be about what you look like it’s mostly about what you feel inside.

So go to a gym close to you and get a trainer to set you up with a good fitness regime that will keep your body in check and your health in great condition. Get those endorphins pumping!

31. Get a full body medical check-up

Nothing is more important than your health, so be sure to get a full body check-up at least annually and keep your health in check.

32. Start Murāqabah

Life can get very stressful therefore it is important to include Murāqabah into your day to day schedule. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or time consuming, just a few minutes of counting your breath in the early mornings before you start your day or even before bed will be enough.

33. Pet a Tiger cub

Tiger cubs are cute and everyone dreams of petting one, so go ahead and do it! It’s a one of a kind experience and possible at ethical petting zoos.

34. Go back to school and study a course

Enrol for a short course at a university or college close to you. Learning something new is a great way to improve yourself and utilise your time because you will acquire a new skill at the end.

35. Sit down and have a heart to heart with your child/ children

Children can be difficult sometimes but it is important to have a healthy relationship with them, so make it a point to spend some quality time together. Set aside a special day each month for you and your kids to go try something new or simply got to a nice cafe to play card games over a nice mug of hot chocolate. You can even have a cosy day in watching your favourite Disney movies together.

36. Get back in touch with old friends

Marriage, work, and, kids may lead you to forget your old pals from school, so make it a point to reconnect with them to reminiscence about your days in school.

37. Paint something

You don’t have to be a great artist to paint something, it’s all just a matter of putting your paint brush onto the canvas.

38. Get something for yourself at the end of each month

Make it a point to get yourself a small something each month; it could be a new book, a nice blouse or makeup.

39. Sustainable living

Consciously try to live sustainably, and make an effort to not use plastics as much as possible. You will feel good knowing that you are contributing to making the Earth a better place to live in!

40. Work at a volunteer center

Volunteer work is a great way to meet new people and give back to your community.

41. Learn to play an instrument

It’s never too late to learn an instrument, if you’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar go ahead and attend some classes or simply learn by watching online tutorials on free platforms like YouTube.

42. Have a little heart to heart with the elders in your family

Years are going by and your loved ones will no longer be with you, so make it a point to talk to them and ask them what it is like getting older, and how they dealt with certain problems that life sent their way. Their wisdom will help you greatly.

43. Memorise the Quran

This may seem impossible at first but start now and you will succeed!

44. Love thy neighbour

Strive to be a good member of your community.

45. Learn to forgive and to forget

You are older now and wiser, so let go of any old grudges you have been holding. Forgive the person who has wronged you and move on from it.

46. Walk on the Great Wall of China

Take a walk on one of the world’s greatest wonders!

47. Get certified in CPR

Master CPR, you never know whose life you will have to save.

48. Stay away from social media for a week every month

Social media can be very distracting, so eliminate it from your life for a week each month and try to go about your day. You will feel the changes!

49. Do something special for someone every month

Make it a point to treat someone each month and enjoy that person’s happiness. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, something small like offering them help with work or even just being there to listen would brighten up anyone’s day.

50. Take compliments and give compliments

Learn to take compliments and give them back whole heartedly.

51. Go on a safari in Africa

Africa has some of the world’s most fascinating wildlife, and is definitely worth a trip to.

52. Make your very own signature dish

It could be a twist on an old classic or your own recipe, but don’t share the recipe!

53. Witness the Northern lights

Witness the Earth’s natural light show!

54. Start eating healthy

The first step to healthy living is a healthy diet! Try to eliminate bad fats and lower your carbohydrate intake, but be sure to eat your veges and drink your water – hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

55. Experience the nomadic desert lifestyle

Go on a desert safari in Dubai!

56. Shop in Dubai

Dubai really is the new land of dreams! Fly to Dubai for a great shopping experience.

57. Eat at a fresh Sashimi in Japan

Sashimi is loved by people everywhere around the the world. However, the country that it originated from definitely serves the best of its kind.

58. Go to Disneyland

Unleash your inner princess in Disneyland! This is also something the whole family can enjoy.

59. Bungee jump

Overcome your fear and take the leap!

60. Go to a live music concert

Music sounds best when it is live, so book the tickets for your favourite artist/ band and enjoy! This would also be a great way to meet your friends and sing along to your favourite tunes.

61. Watch an opera

It’s dramatic, it’s over the top and it’s tragic! It also gives you the chance to dress up and look your best, get your spouse to tag along with you on an opera date.

62. Row a boat

“Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream”, this is a fun activity you can do with your family and friends. It allows you to enjoy nature in a different way.

63. Donate your hair for a cancer patient

Hair can be a woman’s crowning glory, so why not donate yours to a cancer patient and make them feel beautiful.

64. Start an online blog

Blogging is for everyone and a great way to share your journey with the online community.

65. Go to watch a live talk show

Always wanted to be in the audience at a talk show instead of watching it on the T.V.? Get those tickets and get a friend to tag along as well.

66. Have a spa day with your girlfriends

It is important to pamper yourself, so call your friends, and set a spa date. Relax and enjoy!

67. Have game night with your family

Schedule a game night each month for your family, this is a great way to bond with each other, but it may lead to competitive rivalry!

68. Eat something you don’t like

Image Credit: My Fit Station

You are a fully fledged adult now, so go ahead eat that fruit or vegetable you had always hated as a child, you may actually like it now.

69. Read the Quran

Make it a point to read the Quran each day.

70. Compete in something

Keep your competitive spirit in check by participating in a competition, it could be an annual neighbourhood cook off or even a sports event.

71. Make new friends

You are never too old to make new friends, so be open to getting to know people and building a wider network.

72. Get a professional portrait of yourself

Get a professional artist to paint a portrait of you or even of your family, it will look great hanging in living room.

73. Enjoy a slice of cake guilt free

It is easy to feel guilty eating that extra slice of cake in today’s image conscious society but don’t let that get to you. You deserve that extra cake slice and you are going to enjoy it – no guilt!

74. Better yet, have dessert for breakfast

You don’t always have to do things the right way. Start a lazy Sunday morning with ice cream or cake!

75. Write a letter to your significant other

Write an old fashioned love letter to your spouse. Yes, with pen and paper!

76. Life insurance

Plan your life insurance properly.

77. Retirement plans

Start planning your retirement and saving money to a separate savings account, this way you are set.

78. Talk to your younger self

Look back at your younger years, what would you tell your younger self?

79. Use that fine china set you’ve been keeping till the right moment

We all have that expensive china set that we keep hidden under layers of bubble wrap because it’s never the right time to use it. Don’t be that person. Take it out of hiding and throw a tea party.

80. Stop caring about what others think of you

You are nearing your 45th birthday and it really does not matter what other people think of you, don’t let the insecurities you had in your 20s continue into your 40s. You know yourself the best and you don’t need to impress anyone but you!

81. Be spontaneous

Sometimes it’s completely ok to not have a plan.

82. Break a habit

If you have any bad habits, now is the time to break it. Are you a nail bitter, do you fidget a lot? It’s never too late to break away from these habits.

83. Do something you wouldn’t usually do

It’s ok to try something you wouldn’t otherwise do.

84. Be grateful

A lot of people go through life complaining about everything that is wrong without being grateful for what they have. It is important to take a break and appreciate your life and be grateful for it even if it may not be your ideal life.

85. Start a small business

Start a small business like selling home grown plants, or handmade cards. This could also be a good retirement plan.

86. Pay for a stranger’s meal

If you are at a cafe or restaurant and notice a lonely sad looking person eating alone, anonymously pay for that person’s food, you would make that person’s day a whole lot better.

87. Go for high tea at a fancy hotel

Make a reservation at the swankiest hotel in town for high tea!

88. Learn to accept that it is ok to be bad at something

You don’t always have to be perfect so accept the fact that sometimes it’s completely ok to be bad at something because you are sure to be good at another thing.

89. Remove toxic people from your life

Remove anyone who you deem toxic from your life, they are not worth your time.

90. Be open to change

As an adult you can easily retreat into your comfort zone but teach yourself to be open to change.

91. Ignore negativity

Ignore any negative sentiments or negative people at all costs.

92. Why so serious?

You don’t always have to be the serious adult, sometimes it’s ok to let go and just enjoy life.

93. Learn singing

Time to hone your bathroom singer skills.

94. Quit your job

If you are still working in a job with zero satisfaction, quit. Don’t wait till it’s too late and be filled with regret.

95. Visit an elder’s home

Visit an elder’s home and volunteer to help, this can be a fulfilling experience.

96. Roller-coaster ride

They are scary but they are also thrilling and a great way to let loose!

97. Adopt a dog/ cat from a shelter

Adopting a dog or cat from a shelter is a wonderful thing, not only are you giving them a home but you also have a new friend who will love you unconditionally!

98. Time to get a fish pedicure

Picture: Florence Fish Kiss

Fish pedicures are quite peculiar, get one!

99. Self reflection

Have moments of self reflection, converse with your inner self.

100. Be happy

No matter what be happy. Only you are capable of this, no one can give it to you. So make the conscious decision to be happy!

You may feel like you haven’t achieved anything with your life or you would be wondering how to spend your life, it’s important to have some sort of bucket list in mind to help you. If you like you could even list everything down and it doesn’t have to be the list shown here!

If you are already 45 and haven’t achieved what is on this list? It does not matter! You can create your own list of things to achieve by a certain age and even if it does not work out it is always for the better.

The general idea of creating a list like this is that it helps you with self improvement and happiness. Hopefully this list will help you with that, but remember no matter what have fun!

An introverted old soul who loves writing, reading, art, music, food, and cats.

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