Everyone Needs A Fresh Bucket List For 2019! Here Are 13 New Experiences You Should Try!

By Nathasha Wickramasinghe | 29, Nov, 2018
Everyone Needs A Fresh Bucket List For 2019! Here Are 13 New Experiences You Should Try!

We all tend to go through life in a daze. University, friends, family, food and nothing much in between. There’s so much out there to explore and add to your evergrowing list of memories!

Challenge yourself by setting up a bucket list! There is no age limit on a bucket list – young or old, just go for it!

Your young years are all about making new experiences, learning about new things and having fun along the way! So compile your own bucket list for 2019 and cross off each and every one of it throughout the year!

If you need some fresh ideas for your travel bucket list, take a look at our suggestions below!

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1. Disneyland

Starting off with the land where dreams come true, Disneyland will take you back to your childhood!

Who wouldn't love to meet their favorite princesses and say hi to Mickey Mouse?! Their theme parks feature a lot of exciting rides and activities and Disneyland is a definite contender for anyone’s bucket list.

Its branches are located in America, Paris, Hong Kong, Japan, and China. You can choose the one closest to home for your first visit.

Disneyland is a great place to enjoy with your family or friends. Despite its variety of rides as well as restaurants, some Disneyland branches do not have Halal certified food.

However, their restaurants serve a myriad of vegetarian and seafood options, therefore, it is a great spot for Muslim-friendly travel in 2019.

2. Run for a cause

This is a great activity that you can enjoy with your friends; it will also encourage you to be fit!

Keep a look out for charity and awareness runs in your city and register yourself. You will be actively participating in an important cause and it is both rewarding for the soul as well as the body.

It may be tiring but it’s definitely worth it!

3. Bungee jumping

Conquer your fear of heights and take the jump!

This is a once in a lifetime exhilarating experience for anyone and it will help you overcome a lot of stress and anxiety you face day to day.

If you can jump off a ledge into thin air with nothing but a rubber cable for support, then you can breeze through any challenge life throws your way. Just believe in yourself!

4. Say hello to Orangutans in Borneo

Who doesn’t like these fuzzy red-haired apes?!

You can find them in Borneo, Indonesia, a great budget destination in itself. Orangutan spotting would be a fun and educational activity to experience with the whole family.

When in Borneo, try snapping a pic of this endangered species of shy primates.

5. Be fluent in Arabic

Learn Arabic in order to be able to read the Quran in its original language. Don’t look at it as a task but as a new experience and a fun learning curve because you’ll be fluent in a new language.

Apart from reading, you can also learn how to speak in this beautiful language so you can communicate with the locals when you visit Middle-Eastern countries.

Be sure to give it a try as the end result will definitely be very fulfilling.

6. Go on a shopping spree in Dubai

Dubai is all about indulgence. Be it food or clothes, it oozes luxury. It is a great destination for family trips and one of the best places for shopping. It is one of the top bucket list places to visit in the world for many.

The best time to head to Dubai for shopping is during the Dubai Shopping Festival which is from December to January.

You will get great deals on clothes, accessories, food and even electric appliances so set the date and get shopping!

Dubai is also a foodies paradise where finding Halal-friendly treats won’t be a difficult task.

7. Take a solo trip to Malaysia

Malaysia is a vibrant country with a lot to offer to lone travelers on a budget.

Head over to Penang to experience some of the best street food the country has to offer, as well as an interesting art scene.

Penang is sure to offer you many fun travel adventures, and you don’t have to worry about trying to find Halal food as it is a Muslim-friendly country.

It is important to travel alone at least for a few days. You will learn about independence and responsibility while enjoying all the activities you love without having to worry about what your fellow travellers want to do instead.

Don’t forget to visit the beach as well and just soak up the sun!

8. Read a book for a month

It’s easy to get distracted by social media and Netflix these days. Why not make reading your new pastime! It that can be taken up by anyone.

Try to read at least one book for a month. If you are finding it difficult to find the motivation to read a book and stick to it, join a book club!

Book clubs are fun and will help you ease into reading a book every month and then discussing it with friends over some tea and cake!

9. Take an Adventurous Trip to Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful country nestled under the Himalayas and offers some of the world’s cheapest mountain trekking options.

If you want to have a similar experience to India but without the hustle and bustle, Nepal is the next best thing.

With cheap eateries and most food being vegetarian since Hinduism is the country’s main religion, Muslim travelers can easily have a stress free chill holiday in Nepal.

It is also home to a lot of adventurous activities, like hiking and climbing up a waterfall and zip-lining back to ground level. If you are an adventure junkie, Nepal is the spot for you!

10. Journal, journal, journal

Maintain a journal, write down everything you go through in a day. Being in the twenties, we can be prone to anxiety and stress be it with school, peer pressure or just life in general.

Writing your troubled thoughts down before bed will help you relieve some of that stress and help your brains to feel calm so you can sleep soundly and feel more proactive the next morning.

11. Visit the Vibrant City of Seoul

With the K-Pop movement and K-beauty gaining popularity across the globe, a visit to this eclectic city is a must!

Spend a sleepless night shopping at Dongdaemun Market and chill at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, this space-age structure is the creation of Zaha Hadid.

If you are a K-Pop fan don’t forget to visit SUM-Café, which is operated by S. M. Entertainment – the biggest local showbiz agency.

12. Donate your hair

Donate your hair to make wigs for cancer patients and put a smile on a little girl’s face.

Get in touch and make an appointment with local salons that work with non-profit organizations collecting hair for a good cause. If you want to make this day more memorable, get the chop along with your besties.

13. Six Flags in China!

Picture: Content.Sixflags.com

If you are a thrill seeker, look forward to the 2019 opening of Six Flags in Haiyan, China!

The biggest theme park franchise in the USA is coming to Asia, it will feature attractions themed after Garfield and Friends, and will also feature the Hurricane Harbour Waterpark so get ready for a blast coming very soon!

Be one of the first to visit the theme park and strike it off your summer bucket list!

Maybe you don’t have a bucket list and never thought of writing your own, hopefully, this list inspires you to have your own personal bucket list and it doesn’t have to stop at 13!

Time to get creative and think out of the box because bucket lists are about embracing life and living it to the fullest so go out there and enjoy your life in 2019!

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