Rediscovering the Greener Side of Singapore: East Coast Park - Changi Beach Park Green Corridor

By Halal Trip | 01, Oct, 2020
Rediscovering the Greener Side: East Coast Park - Changi Beach Park Green Corridor

We have been focusing on reciprocal green lanes as of late but what about green corridors? Here’s something you can do without leaving Singapore. Cyclists and Runners rejoice, there will be a new green corridor with nature-based amenities connecting East Coast Park and Changi Beach Park. As part of the movement to develop Singapore into a greener city, the National Parks Board (NParks) has been busy developing more green spaces around the country. This is great news for us who are looking to connect ourselves with nature right here in this bustling city we live in.


300 Kilometers By 2030

Image Credit: NParks

The corridor is part of NParks’ effort to expand on the existing 34 Nature Ways that are scattered across Singapore. It currently stretches around 130 Kilometers in total as of now. At the time of writing, there are no set dates as to when the 15 Kilometer Corridor will be completed.

The new corridor from East Coast Park and Changi Beach Park will be 15 Kilometers long, Running along New Upper Changi Road and Loyang Way. Other than just the main corridor, this route will branch into other community corridors it passes, connecting to other parks and gardens along the way.

The corridor will be an alternative to the existing cycling route that runs along the coast. The development of this route will be a breath of fresh air (quite literally) to the coastal roads that have been one of the most used cycling routes for locals on the island. We previously explored the cycling trails in Singapore in one of our blogs, and with these new corridors which are set to be completed by 2030, it will most probably connect almost all of the trails into one massive trail.


Nature-Based Amenities

Image Credit: NParks

The new network will feature various nature-based amenities all along the trail. Amongst the planned amenities are; community gardens, therapeutic gardens, nature playgardens, and inclusive playgrounds. 

Other than just these amenities, NParks is also planning to reach out to the community through engagement sessions where the community will be able to share their thoughts and ideas to make the green spaces their own. If you’re looking to help out in the environmental efforts, there will also be tree-planting activities that will be a part of their One Million Trees movement.


Cycling to Rediscover

Image Credit: NParks

Well, we might not have mountains and the many countrysides that other land-rich countries have but, this could be an alternative if you regularly travel overseas to cycle or also known as Cycle Tourism. For the uninitiated, Cycle Tourism is a form of travel that lets you explore the countries on a bicycle. Regularly running trips to otherwise inaccessible sites such as parks, nature reserves, and landmarks while also maintaining a low environmental impact. This form of tourism is regularly seen in Europe and other western countries as a form of exploration and sightseeing. 

In other words, with these corridors, you might be able to do the same thing here. Maybe stumble upon places you have never thought to exist in Singapore. Like being a tourist in your own country, the corridors might connect you to the greener side of this concrete jungle of a country we live in. If you’re lucky enough, you might even spot some wildlife while going down these corridors as it is planned to be designed in a way that allows the local wildlife to freely and easily travel through.

Even though these green corridors are not technically part of the ongoing Singapore Rediscovers campaign, it gives us the option to explore our own country in years to come. For now, with the movement across the borders still very much restricted, cycling around Singapore is a great way to see the country through a different lens. The 15 Kilometer long green corridor might not be completed yet but, there are many different cycling routes you can try which will help you reconnect with nature.

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