You Need To Try Our Top 3 Halal Beef Noodle Eateries When You're In Taipei, Taiwan!

By Arwa Munnaverali | 27, Dec, 2018
You Need To Try Our Top 3 Halal Beef Noodle Eateries When You're In Taipei, Taiwan!

Located at the northern tip of Taiwan, Taipei is home to a population of approximately 2,704,810 people.

Rated as an 'Alpha City' and known to be one of the major hubs in East Asia, Taiwan's capital city is also famous for its world-renowned architecture and enriching cultural landmarks.

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Food In Taipei

Taipei is familiarly known for its night markets which are placed in each district, providing a colorful variety of eatables.

Each alley represents certain kinds of food and you will surely come across appetizing cuisines on almost every street, such as Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Italian, and many more!

To top it off, Taipei is flooded with a wide range of restaurants across the city. 

Beef Noodles

taiwanese beef noodle

Image Credit: (WT-shared) Jpatokal at wts wikivoyage, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you are looking for local cuisines, then you should definitely try their iconic beef noodles! The beef noodle soup is an original dish by the Chinese and Taiwanese but the city of Taipei is known to provide the best of its kind!

Its common ingredients include stewed beef, beef broth, vegetables and Chinese noodles. Plenty of food stalls around East Asia and Southeast Asia have created their own rendition of this dish so head down to Taipei to try the most authentic ones!

Due to its popularity, it is just about impossible to assemble a thorough list so we narrowed them down to 3 of the highest-quality and muslim-friendly restaurants that serves the best, 'not so spicy' beef noodles in Taipei!

1. Chang's Beef Noodle Shop

changs beef noodle shop

Picture: Taiwan Halal

Known for their beef noodles, dumplings and green onion dish, Chang's Beef Noodle Shop serves a top-notch selection of authentic Chinese cuisines.

A plus point about this spot is that they utilize only Halal ingredients in their food and are against serving alcohol within their premises, making Chang's Beef Noodle Shop an ideal eatery for Muslim diners.

They are a customer-friendly diner with indoor air-conditioners, wheelchair access, and a free Wi-Fi connection.

One feature that allows them to stand out from other restaurants is that their staff consists of trilingual speakers who communicate in English, Chinese and Japanese, so you don't have to worry about any language barrier.

Their must-try specialties that are highly recommended at pocket-friendly prices are the Spicy Beef Noodles and the Beef Potstickers (fried dumplings) which will accumulatively cost you SGD8.

They also offer side dishes that you get to opt for at the counter close to the entrance, which is TWD25 each.

Majority of the side dishes are vegetarian such as the cucumber salad, tofu strips and fried bean sprouts. However, they have a limited range of drinks, namely soy milk and iced tea.

In terms of transportation to the restaurant, you can utilize the nearby MRT at the Ximen Station and then head out via Exit 5 which is just a 5-minute walk to the restaurant

Address: No. 21, Yanping S. Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan
Operating Hours: 9AM-8PM (Daily)
                               *Closed on Chinese New Year
Price Range: NT$60-NT$250

2. Halal Beef Noodle House
Halal Beef Noodle House

Image Credit: Taiwan Halal

Everyone can have a satisfying meal at the Halal Beef Noodle House. This Halal restaurant was chosen as one of Taipei's top-10 beef noodle soup shops in 2007.

For obvious reasons, this eatery is a hit with locals and tourists alike and is a must-visit due to its exquisite local delicacy which is the gratifying bowl of beef noodle soup.

Not only will it leave your taste buds tingling with pleasure along with the feeling of contentment, it will also have you coming back for seconds!

It is made of clean broth, slender slices of stewed defatted beef and is sold very rapidly at NT120 a bowl. You can enjoy these bowls of happiness with delectable sides such as dumplings, potstickers, and pan-fried buns.

An extra specialty which one should not fail to try out is their too-good-to-be-true tortillas or also known as "Jin bing". This restaurant, like many others, too is Halal Certified, making it a Muslim-friendly spot.

If you haven't tried out the renowned Taiwanese beef noodle soup at the Halal Beef Noodle House, your voyage to Taiwan will be left incomplete.

To get to the Halal Beef Noodle House, you can hop onto the MRT at the Ximen Station and then walk a short distance which will only take you roughly 10 minutes

Address: No.23, Yanping S. Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100, Taiwan
Operating Hours: 7.30AM–8.20PM (Monday to Sunday)
Price Range: NT$70–NT$170

3. Halal Chinese Beef Noodle Restaurant
Halal Chinese Beef Noodle Restaurant

Image Credit: Daniel Food Diary

Craving for some country-style wholesome food? The Halal Chinese Beef Noodle Restaurant is the place to be!

Diners may not gush about their interior design and seating space but the folks at the restaurant sure do know how to whip up some high-quality dishes that will leave you loss for words.

Being in the industry for over 60 years, never once has the owner frozen his food to save it for the next day. He believes in using only Taiwanese beef to ensure the optimum flavor and texture.

He allows the beef to simmer throughout the day to avoid grease and allow the best taste to radiate from the dish.

Dishes apart from the signature braised beef noodle soup that you should try out is the wheat pancake wrap with a filling consisting of stir-fried seasoned shredded beef and the steamed dumplings.

The noodles are made in-house and the buns are steamed on site with the help of a wooden countertop. You would be glad to know that the food arrives at your table promptly.

One unique aspect of this restaurant is that it's mostly self-service. For instance, you can get cups and a pot of hot green tea yourself at the beverage spot.

After one has ended their meal, the bill is left on the table and diners are expected to pay on their way out. The establishment accepts cash only.

This restaurant is close to Sun Yat Seng Memorial Hall MRT Station. You can get down at this stop in the blue line and from Exit number 1, you will have to walk around 300 meters to the restaurant

Address: 1, Alley 7, Lane 137, Yanji Street, Da'an, Táiběi, 110
Operating Hours: 11.30AM-2PM (Lunch)
                                 5PM-8:30PM (Dinner)
Price Range: Under TWD500

Note: On a busy day, you might have to share your tables with other diners as all the tables are communal.

Just the notion of escaping to Taipei has got me salivating, as I imagine myself enjoying the infinite Taiwanese cuisines that they have to offer.

The famous beef noodle soup may be the first thing you would want to try out, but don't forget to explore their overabundance of seafood and vegetarian dishes as well! Once you have safely arrived in Taipei, all your cravings will surely be satisfied within days!


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