4 Substitute Ramadan Bazaars to Break Away From The Geylang Crowd

By Halal Trip | 09, Jun, 2017
As the beautiful season of Ramadan arrives, you would be looking at all the different ways you can celebrate this wonderful festive season together with your loved ones. Those of you who have gathered in Singapore for the festivities would already be aware of the most popular Ramadan Bazaar that takes place in the country - the Geyland Ramadan Bazaar. But due to its immense popularity, the Geyland Ramadan Bazaar tends to attract huge crowds making it somewhat difficult to enjoy a peaceful shopping experience.
For this reason HalalTrip has put together a few suggestions of Ramadan Bazaars in Singapore that are great alternatives for Muslim travelers to visit instead.

1. Tampines Hub Bazaar

tampines hub bazaar
First on our list is the Tampines Hub Bazaar. To color your shopping experience this Ramadan season, Our Tampines Hub Singapore brings you the most awaited Tampines Hub Bazaar. Here you will find the very best of traditional and modern food and beverage options that are guaranteed to create a mouthwatering experience unlike no other. As you wander through the bazaar you will be able to try out the very best of Indonesian cuisine including the famous satay burger. Some of the other great stalls present include Hani Cooking, Pasta Queen SG, and Fruitee Hut where you can grab some refreshing fruits juices at a special Ramadan price of $4 per drink.

2. Sultan Bazaar

sultan bazaar
Another great option to get away for large crowds is to head down to the Sultan Bazaar. Located at the Bussorah Mall near Sultan Mosque, this event is scheduled as an annual heritage fundraiser for the mosque. This bazaar is also a great place to tantalize your taste buds, as popular eateries like T Bob’s Corner, Makcik Chicken, The Ramen Stall and The Dimsum Place, Mediterranean Kitchen, Habibi Kingdom Dates, Black Boys Cubanos & Cantina, and Nareza Briyani Dhum are all present.

3. Woodlands Bazaar

woodlands bazaar
If you find yourself close to the Woodlands MRT station, you might want to stop by the Woodlands Bazaar as well. This night market which runs for about a month comprises of a total of 120 stalls that offer visitors a host of shopping and food and beverage options to enjoy. As you wander through the premises you might want to look out for stalls like JR Creative Food serving delicious ‘Fried Durian Bombs’ and other treats, Hangover drinks for a variety of ice cream and juice options, The Dream Factory and The Raclette Factory, and Cake Love SG that serve some very interesting food options you probably cannot try anywhere else.

4. BigBox Bazaar

bigbox bazaar
The Ramadan Bazaar at BigBox is another great shopping option to get a hold of some attractive deals during this festive season and also enjoy some delicious treats along the way. This event is open to the public form 5th to 24th June and is located at level 1 of the BigBox mall. For clothing and accessories, you could look out for stalls by Jakel, Instant Shawls By Nylea Scarf, NZ by Nana Zuhaina, and Al-Amal Creations that offer a variety of traditional and modest attire ideal for the entire family. To keep you energized along the way stalls like The Original Pisang Keju, Zulos Dessert Place, and Nanwi offer some mouth-watering food options. All you ladies can also look forward to some pampering as you visit the stall by Aslam that even offers Henna Art ideal for the festive season.

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