5 Best Souvenirs and Take-Home Gifts from Cebu

By Halal Trip | 04, Apr, 2016
5 Best Souvenirs and Take-Home Gifts from Cebu
While you were living it up in Cebu, there were those at home waiting to hear about your adventures. To make up for the fact that you’re going to turn them green with jealousy, be sure to pack them a few goodies that allow them a taste of the wonderful islands. ‘Taste’ is actually the keyword since some of the most popular souvenirs (also known as pasalubong) are food items. Here is our guide to the 5 best souvenirs you can take home from Cebu: .

T-shirts, keychains and refrigerator magnets

This one’s a classic, and one you can find in almost every country. The most popular t-shirts bear the “I heart Cebu” wordings, although the wordings of different places are also available. If you’re not sure of someone’s tastes or what to get for them, t-shirts, keychains and refrigerator magnets are sure to hit the mark!  .

Dried mango and Shamrock Otap

Dried mango is a favourite amongst tourists, and is sure to be a favourite back home too! Since they’re chewy and sweet, they make a great gifts for kids, and a healthier alternative to candy. Profood International Corporation is the biggest manufacturer of dried mango, and their gallery serves as a mango museum as well, so a visit to it will provide you with a story to tell along with the gift! Otap is a crispy, flaky biscuit made from puff pastry native to Cebu and Shamrock Bakery makes them best! .

Rosquillos and Masareal

Rosquillios are synonymous with the island of Cebu and go back hundreds of years. Back then, the nameless biscuit wormed its way into people’s hearts, including the governor who named it rosquillos due to its ringlet shape. Mama Titay’s secret recipe makes the best rosquillos to this day. You’re definitely taking home a bit of Cebu with this one! Masareal is made of ground peanuts and sugar syrup, a must-have for nut lovers. If you ask anyone about it, they will always refer you to Didang’s, the best masareal maker in Cebu. Besides the main Didang’s store, it is also available in supermarkets and pasalubong centres in Mandaue City. .

Danggit and other dried seafood

With all the time spent on Cebu’s beaches, and swimming amongst its marine life - observing them through snorkelling or diving - it seems only right that seafood be one of the things you take home as a souvenir. Danggit is a famous dried fish that comes from the spinefoot or rabbit fish, and, dipped in vinegar, pairs well with rice. It may not look that visually appealing, but it is definitely a taste of Cebu! .

Wicker products

Wicker products are amongst the handmade goods in Cebu, and one of the biggest non-food items that sell. The wicker is made from a variety of grasses, vines, and other plants woven into various objects like baskets, tables, chairs, and an assortment of furniture. Ethnic and natural items always make great gifts, and even though it’s a little difficult to take home furniture, baskets of various sizes make for great storage, great presents, and a great reminder of the wonderful islands of Cebu.   .

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