5 Chinese Halal Restaurants in Sri Lanka Worth Visiting

By Halal Trip | 27, Sep, 2016
5 Chinese Halal Restaurants in Sri Lanka Worth Visiting

Halal Chinese restaurants in Sri Lanka are growing in number. Though Chinese food in Sri Lanka is immensely popular, it is not always Halal, which is why we decided to help you find Chinese Halal restaurants in Sri Lanka. As in different countries, the food is generally a mix of Chinese flavours made to suit the local palette, and Sri Lankan Chinese is no exception. While not all the Chinese restaurants themselves are Halal – pork is usual favourite in the cuisine – there are plenty of Halal restaurants that serve Chinese food as part of the menu.

Here is our take on some of the best Chinese Halal restaurants in Sri Lanka worth visiting:


1) Eastern Wok

Eastern Wok’s speciality includes Chinese, Indian and Arabic food. Even with the Middle-Eastern ambience in the restaurant, their Chinese food is popular. Whether it is fried rice, hot butter cuttlefish (the Chinese version of the Sri Lankan favourite), or devilled chicken, this is good spot to hit with their quick service at lunch time.


2) Loon Tao

One of the more finer dining restaurants serving Chinese food, Loon Tao’s tagline is “seafood on the beach”, and with such an atmosphere – candle light, the ocean breeze and the sound of the waves – this is definitely a place to enjoy with a significant other. With decent portion sizes and food that is not too spicy, the meal combined with the atmosphere makes this one of the better Chinese Halal restaurants in Sri Lanka.


3) Chinatown

It would appear to be mandatory to have a restaurant called Chinatown in almost every country! It is one of the few Halal Chinese restaurants in Colombo, and if you are not particular about ambience and grease, then this is the place for you. Fairly large portions of spicy food, with a lot of gravy to soak up fits the bill.


4) Makye Ame Chinese Halal Restaurant

Owned by a sweet old Chinese lady, one would expect the food to be more… Chinese-y, but they are getting there. Despite the few downfalls, the owner is ever ready to recommend, and eager for reviews.


5) Macky’s

If you are a bit confused as to what you want to eat, Macky’s a great place to try the whirlwind that is Sri Lankan-Chinese-Italian combo, with dishes like pastas and sandwiches full of Sri Lankan-Chinese flavors. They also have the typical rice and hot butter cuttlefish on the menu and are a good place for a large group with their generous shareable portions.


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