5 Great Halal Breakfast or Brunch Spots in Singapore

By Halal Trip | 02, Feb, 2017
5 Great Halal Breakfast or Brunch Spots in Singapore

Having a great Halal brunch and breakfast in Singapore – or anywhere really – is one of life’s simple pleasures. The lion city is known for its delicious Halal cafes and restaurants, and there is plenty of Halal food – both Halal certified and Muslim-owned. Halal brunch cafes in Singapore make for a cosy dining event, and you might want to skip dinner the night before to get the most out of these delectable places. Here is our guide to the best spots for Halal breakfast or brunch in Singapore:


1) La Marelle 

A whimsical, fun, dreamy restaurant on Baghdad Street, La Marelle is not Halal-certified but its meat is from Halal sources. They have an all-day breakfast, so it really doesn’t matter what time of day it is, if you are in the mood for breakfast! If you have company, their bigger dishes are rather filling and can be shared, or you can opt for a light croissant, scones and banana bread. La Marelle also has an excellent espresso with a secret recipe – perfect for a morning-cap! If you’re not a fan of the usual strong and bitter espresso, this one is for you. Since they offer free wifi, you could decide to stay on and have lunch there too!

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2) Butter Studio 

This Halal-certified bakery is known for its Sea Salt Nutella Tart (don’t you want it already?), but they are more than just a cosy café. Butter Studio knows just how to tickle your taste buds with a perfect balance of flavours. Savour the ambience (and every single crumb) with dishes like the Godfather Burger, Eggs Neptune, Norwegian Royale and more – all classic breakfast food with a Butter Studio twist. This might be the best Halal brunch you have in Singapore! 

3)  Penny University 

A Muslim-owned artisanal coffeehouse, the quirky name is based after 17th century London coffeehouses where the entrance fee was a penny, and it gained you access to company, newspapers, and the latest gossip. Kind of like a bar but Halal! History coming through means that they have pretty affordable meals, with exotic and interesting combinations in there as well, so for those who dare to try something new, this one’s for you. It is almost always crowded, but a great place for some Halal Sunday brunch in Singapore if you can get seats!

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4) The Bravery Café 

Prefer lunch for breakfast? The Bravery’s got you! They start serving mains as early as 9am (yes, seriously). But if you would rather your breakfast be… well, breakfast, don’t worry, they’ve got that too. The Pancake Stack and Lavender Latte are the most popular items on the menu, so don’t miss out on those. A good cup of espresso, toast, bagels, eggs and more are also on offer.

5) Hotel Buffets

If you are looking for something a little classier, a Halal breakfast at a Singapore hotel is the answer. There are several Muslim-friendly hotels in Singapore that offer breakfast from their Halal-certified kitchens, like Straits Kitchen Restaurant at Grand Hyatt, Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts, Aquamarine Restaurant at Marina Mandarin, and Tiffany Café & Restaurant at Furama City Centre. 


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