5 Eid Food You Should Include on Your Eid Table in Singapore

By Halal Trip | 15, Jun, 2017
5 Eid Food You Should Include on Your Eid Table in Singapore
Looking for some great ideas for Eid recipes this year? Eid Ul-Fitr in Singapore is also known as the Hari Raya festival, during which you will get to sample a variety of delicious food from an Eid feast. The best Eid food in Singapore often consist of traditional recipes that have been passed down for generations that have become popular among many with slight variations on homemade dishes.
If you are still unsure about what to make for Eid, do check out some of the Eid food listed below and make these traditional food part of your Eid celebration feast.


1) Sambal Udang

You will find that the best Eid dishes in Singapore are a big part of the Eid festival feast – which includes sambal udang or prawn sambal. The good flavours of the prawns are really brought out with the shrimp paste, sambal paste and the tamarind bringing a tangy flavour to the dish. This dish is usually eaten with ketupat or lemang or sometimes with Nasi Lemak too. The gravy is also one of the best parts of sambal udang that is bursting with a spicy and salty prawn flavour.


2) Ayam Masak Merah

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Ayam Masak Merah is another delicious Eid dish that is usually part of the Eid celebration feast. This dish basically consists of chicken pieces that are fried until golden brown and then cooked in a tomato gravy that is sweet, spicy and rich with flavour - and the kaffir leaves give it a great aroma too. Ayam masak merah get its wonderful flavour from the tomato puree, ginger, garlic, galangal and lemon grass.

3) Kuih Bangkit

An Eid table is not complete an array of specially made sweets or desserts along with the best eid dishes in Singapore – and kuih bangkit are types of coconut cream flavoured cookies made out of tapioca flour. Kuih bangkit are quite beautiful to look at, since they are made with various types of special cookie molds in the shapes of birds, flowers and more. This particular cookie appear quite hard but has a fine texture that just melts with one bite, leaving a fine sweet coconut taste - and getting the right texture can take quite a bit of practice.

4) Kuih Makmur

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Kuih Makmur is another popular cookie that you will see adorning an Eid table. The decorative leaves are most common shape of the cookies that is achieved with cookie molds, but there are other variations too. Kuih Makmur is traditionally made with ghee or butter and is usually made with a buttery filling of peanuts or dates.

5) Serunding Daging

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Some of the best Eid food in Singapore includes serunding daging, which is actually spicy beef or chicken floss with a great flavour. The finely shredded meat is cooked with spices such as cumin, coriander, garlic, ginger, galangal, lemon grass and turmeric in coconut milk until it is dry – the tamarind juice also enhances the flavour. This spicy side dish is usually served with the popular rice dishes ketupat and lemang - and cannot be missed at any Eid celebration feast.