5 Must-See Attractions at Disney Sea Japan

By Halal Trip | 15, Aug, 2016
5 Must-See Attractions at Disney Sea Japan

1. Disney Sea Attraction - Indiana Jones Adventure

This attraction is a must see at Disney Sea Tokyo to experience a thrilling 3 minute ride through the temple where Aztec inspired drawings on the walls and a statue of the crystal skull can be seen. The ride continues through the Tunnel of Doomthen to the Gates of Torment, and finally through The Mummy Chamber. The rest of the ride continues from the Snake temple and then into the Dart corridor. The Boulder Room is the final part, where a rolling boulder appears as though it is coming straight at the visitors. The whole experience is hosted by a character called Dr. Pacoin an ancient Aztec temple - Temple of the Crystal skull, and the theme is loosely related to the final Indiana Jones movie. This particular attraction is one of the top Tokyo Disney Sea attractions that should not be missed especially for fans of Indiana Jones.

2. Disney Sea Attraction - Journey to the Center of the Earth, Mysterious Island

The attraction is one of the best Tokyo Disney Sea Attractions and is based on the volcano Mount Prometheus that Captain Nemo uses as his base. Visitors go through caverns and board elevators or Terravators that send them to the base. Then a ride on steam powered vehicle takes place through a cavern of crystals and a giant mushroom forest. A simulated earth quake then forces the vehicle off course to the Subterranean Sea. The finale includes the vehicle plunging into a fiery volcano and later emerging upto the surface. A must see Disney Sea attraction that promises a thrilling ride.

3. Disney Sea Attraction - Fortress Exploration, Mediterranean Harbour

Fortress Exploration has become highly popular at Tokyo Disney Sea - an exploration area that is both educational and entertaining. The fortress has interesting items on display, fun activities to take part in and hallways that lead to rooms that have to be explored. The Chamber of Planets has a huge model of the solar system where the planets can be moved, plus there are canons at the catwalks that can be fired at the harbor. Fortress Exploration would make a great addition to a One Day Tour Plan for Tokyo Disney Sea.

4. Disney Sea Attraction - Submarine Voyage, Mysterious Island

This is one attraction you must see at Disney Sea Tokyo when you are visiting Japan, it is based on Jules Verne’s novel of the same name.Visitors can even see Captain Nemo’s Nautilus at the entrance. While you won’t be submerged in water like the original ride, visitors can board the Neptune and use a joystick to control lanterns to see the beauty of the underwater scenes which are spectacular. The whole idea is based on the submerged lost city of Atlantis. Visitors can see marine life and plants as well. Guest will visit Kraken Reef and then plunge into Lucifer’s trench. This attraction should definitely be a part of your One Day Tour Plan for Tokyo DisneySea.

5. Disney Sea Attraction - Tower of Terror, American Waterfront

Tower of Terror at Disney Sea differs from the American version which is based on the Twilight Zone, so an original storyline takes place at Hotel Hightower. The story is based on the owner, Harrison Hightower’s mysterious disappearance and visitors are taken on a tour through the hotel by the New York Preservation Society. Hightower was an explorer and collector, and an idol Shriki Utundu is supposed to be the cause of his disappearance. There is an exciting part where the idol comes to life and the ghost of Hightower makes an appearance. The detail placed on the artifacts and newspaper clippings, special effects and architecture of the hotel make this a unique attraction. 

A trip is not complete without the best Tokyo Disney Sea Attractions, and Tower of Terror is a must See at Disney Sea.

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