5 Must-Try Spots in Kuala Lumpur for Malaysian Street Food

By Halal Trip | 05, Apr, 2017
5 Must-Try Spots in Kuala Lumpur for Malaysian Street Food
Trying street food in Malaysia is definitely something every traveler to Malaysia must do! If you're wondering where to find best Malaysian street food during your visit, worry not. HalalTrip will take you through all the best places where you can enjoy must-try Malaysian street food.

Malaysian cuisine is an exciting mix of food, bringing together unique flavors from different cultures - flavours of Malay, Chinese and Indian food. Its street food is no different. There's nothing like the thrill of walking through Malaysia's street markets which offer everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to exotic Malaysian dishes - definitely guaranteed to make your experience of looking for Halal street food in Malaysia an exciting one.

Here are HalalTrip's top 5 spots to find must-try cheap Halal street food:


1) Kampung Baru Sunday Market

This is by far one of the top places to find the best Malaysian street food. Most of the stalls in the area are run by the Malay community and every Muslim traveler will be able to find a mouthwatering variety of Halal street food to choose from. Apart from being one of the most famous street food hideouts, this market is amongst the oldest of its kind - having been established way back in 1899.

Must-try street food: Malay specialties such as satay, spicy rojak salads, and rice dishes.

2) Taman Connaught Night Market

The Taman Connaught Night Market is a great place to visit in the middle of the week, if you're tired and you're craving some filling street food to get you through the week. This vibrant night market comes to life every Wednesday night and is also a great marketplace for a budget-friendly shopping experience. The key highlight would be the Chinese food vendors that serve some of the best Halal street food in Malaysia.

Must-try street food: Fried chicken, curry noodles, char kuey teow, laksa and satay.

3) Pavilion Food Court

Although this is technically not a ‘street food' market, you would only be missing the extreme heat and crazy rush of busy crowds walking through the streets. Being one of the best-known food courts in Kuala Lumpur, you would be able to choose from over 50 restaurants which serve good quality Halal street food in Malaysia - including famous dishes such as the fried noodle dish “char kuey teow", great soups like "curry laksa", and delicious mains such as "nasi lemak" rice and the Indian dish "roti canai".

Must-try street food: Char kuey teow, curry laksa, nasi lemak, and roti canai.

4) Petaling Street

Whether you are looking where to find the best Malaysian street food or not, Petaling Street is definitely a must-visit attraction in Kuala Lumpur. This is one of the largest and most famous street markets in the area and has an abundance of Chinese food. As you wander through hundreds of stalls selling all sorts of items at very reasonable prices, you will definitely be enticed by the heavenly aroma of local dishes being prepared right in front of you!

Must-try street food: Beef Noodles, Porridge Bowls, and Sweet Potato Balls

5) Chow Kit

A review of Malaysian Halal street food would not be complete without mentioning Chow Kit. A visit to Chow Kit market in particular is a must! Due to the nature of the market, some would find the fresh meat section slightly disturbing, but if you are brave enough to pass through a few uncomfortable sights you would arrive in the dry section of the market which has a number of colorful stalls and street food vendors. Just make a note to double-check whether the dishes are certified Halal before purchase.
Must-try street food: Pan Mee, Chinese Noodles and Bakso

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