5 Places for the Best Halal Sub Sandwiches in Singapore

By Halal Trip | 31, Jan, 2017
5 Places for the Best Halal Sub Sandwiches in Singapore
Looking for places with tasty Halal Sub Sandwiches in Singapore? Do drop by some of the place listed below. While the major fast food chain Subway is not Halal certified, there are some excellent places for Halal submarines in Singapore that you can try out when visiting these restaurants -  and each place has their own popular items as well. 

1) Watsub, 430 Upper Changi Road, #01-12

watsub premium sandwich

Watsub is one of the best places for Halal sandwiches in Singapore with a small menu of tasty submarine sandwiches to fix that craving. While their special signature sandwich is the Pulled Beef Sandwich in which the meat has been cooked for more than 8 hours – the popular submarine sandwiches include the Baked Meatball Sub, Roasted Beef Sub and Tri Turkey sandwiches too. Watsub pride themselves on creating premium sandwiches with delicious, quality ingredients with different selections of bread, making this restaurant one of the best Halal restaurants for submarines in Singapore.


2) Toasties,  201D Tampines Street 21, #01-1171

toasties sub logo

For freshly baked Halal submarines in Singapore pay a visit to Toasties, where you will find a good range of choices for meat, bread and other additions. The ordering process is the same as Subway but Toasties is one of the best Halal restaurants for submarines in Singapore - with freshly baked submarine sandwiches where you can choose from fillings such as chicken katsudon, tuna, beef pastrami, grilled beef and more. The Italian Trio and Yakitori submarine sandwiches are the most popular choices and should not be missed.


3) Hungry Bazterdz, 11 Collyer Quay

hungry bazterdz logo

The Hungry Bazterdz is easily one of the best Halal restaurants for submarines in Singapore that was started by Nomad The Gallant Coffee Roaster – an independent coffee chain. So you can enjoy delicious submarine sandwiches with some great coffee too. They have a variety of submarine sandwiches with generous fillings and excellent sauce combinations. Some favourites include the Mighty Cheese Steaks, Grand Poobah and the Salmon Teriyaki, while the Falafel Marinara is a great choice for vegetarians.


4) Yellow Submarine, 177 Toa Payoh Central

yellow submarines logo

This outlet is where you will find some good Halal submarines in Singapore, and where you can taste the Yellow Submarine Classic - which is one of the signature sandwiches by Yellow Submarine that is inspired by the Philadelphia cheese steak.  The other signature sandwich not be missed is the Philly Submarine. Yellow Submarine also has some delicious sides to go with your submarine sandwich – especially the cheesy Torpedo Fries which are a favourite.


5) El Cubanos, 244 Jalan Kayu

el cubans, cuban style sandwiches

El Cubanos is easily one of the best places for Halal sandwiches in Singapore. This sandwich outlet serves delicious Cuban-style sandwiches with a good selection of fillings – the Pulled Beef Cubanos is filled with beef that has been braised for almost 10 hours which is filled with flavour. The Rib Eye Cheese Steak, Spicy Grilled Chicken Cubanos and Meatballz are just some of the tasty Cuban-style sandwiches that you can order at El Cubanos.

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