5 Places to Get Halal Biryani in Sri Lanka

By Halal Trip | 23, Sep, 2016
5 Places to Get Halal Biryani in Sri Lanka

Halal biryani in Sri Lanka is a must-try if traveling in the Indian subcontinent. Even though it is taken from Indian cuisine, it is such a popular Sri Lankan dish that it is seen at weddings, festivals, and on a pretty regular basis. Different Halal biryani restaurants in Sri Lanka vie to give their own twist to the basic dish of rice with a side of somewhat standard curries. Here are some of the places where you can find the best Halal biryani in Colombo:


1. Kandoori

For Halal biryani, Kandoori has some of the best biryani in town. With fragrant rice, well-cooked chicken, and raita as a side, the fact that the chicken could use more seasoning doesn’t take away from this great dish. Even though their prices are a bit on the high side for something as regular as biryani, they provide good value for money. The restaurant is also pretty centrally situated in Colombo whether you want to dine in or take out.


2. Big Bite, Mount Lavinia

There are quite a few branches of Big Bite and all of them differ in their quality, but the one in Mount Lavinia is definitely one of the best. However, this is probably a place in Sri Lanka where you will order Halal biryani to take away as the eating environment is not entirely sanitary and family-friendly. That being said, the biryani is delicious! Originally an eatery with a menu, Big Bite now specializes in Pakistani biryani and barbecued chicken, and do they ever do a good job of it! With a large portion of rice and meat, you certainly get more than your value for money too. Note that it is known to be a bit on the spicy side though.


3. Malay Restaurant 

As the name states, Malay cuisine is what you get here, with a wide variety of dishes across their menu. With big portions and plenty of meat, it also has value for money. Malay Restaurant is where you would be able to order sawan biryani in Colombo, which is a mega-sharing plate style of eating. Sawan style is perfect for gatherings with a large number of people, as each sawan is enough for around 8 people. Malay Restaurant is a pretty popular spot, located in Dehiwala on Hill Street.


4. Aahaara

A small house at the end of Initium road in Dehiwala might seem inconspicuous, but out of it comes wafting fragrances and customers bearing various meals of rice and curries. Known mainly through word of mouth, this catering service piles its sawan of biryani a good 5 to 7 inches high and can feed about 10 people easily, so it’s perfect if you have a bunch of people over. While the main dish of rice itself is spectacular, the side dishes lack a bit of flavor, but nothing to totally throw you off. The price might seem a bit high, but with the quantity of food, it is definitely worth it! Everything is cooked over firewood, which gives it a nice authentic touch.


5. Galle Caterers

You can’t ask someone about ordering Halal biryani in Colombo and not have ‘Galle Caterers’ as part of the response. Yes, it’s that popular, especially amongst the Muslims who order from there for weddings, pre-wedding meals, Eid, and just about anything other occasion that occurs! One of the oldest caterers in the business with a large customer base, this is one of the best Halal sawan biryanis that you would find in Colombo. With affordable prices, well-cooked sides, and a delicious dish overall, this is the perfect solution to order for a large crowd. However, due to its popularity, you would need to place your order well in advance for it to be met without any hiccups. 

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