5 Unbelievable Places In The World To Spend Your Ramadan In 2022

By Ihab Ou-ouda | 01, Apr, 2022
5 Places to Go to Spend Ramadan

Traveling during Ramadan is fun, especially when it's Spring and the days are not too long. However, not all of us can afford to travel around during Ramadan, or at least not to all places.

Ramadan is probably the month where we spend more than we can handle eating fancy foods during Iftar. Add to that the cost of travel and accommodations, and you got yourself a whole month of expenses that will undoubtedly impact your bank account for the next 3 months or so before you recover.

That's why traveling to countries and cities that aren't too expensive and yet have a beautiful Ramadan ambiance is something to consider. Here's a list of the top Ramadan destinations that won't charge you more than reasonably.


Istanbul, TurkeyIstanbul Turkey the capital city and its busy

Image Credits: Dmitriy Frantsev on Unsplash  

The Ramadan vibes in Istanbul are unmatchable elsewhere. Turkish culture is deeply ceremonial when it comes to Ramadan and other religious celebrations.

Add to that the fact that a trip to Turkey isn't exactly the most expensive thing ever, and you've got yourself the best Ramadan destination to spend your holy month in 2022.


Cairo, EgyptMosque of Rifai and Sultan Hassan Cairo Egypt

Image Credits: Omar Elsharawy on Unsplash  

Cairo is absolutely one of the most iconic Islamic cities in the world. Aside from Cairo's historical and cultural significance, it's actually quite affordable to anyone.

Spending Ramadan immersed in the traditions of Muslims in Egypt is definitely a great experience, especially the night vibes of the city after Iftar.

Also, in Cairo, you're always close to the ancient remains of Pharaonic Egypt. During the holy month, you'll have all the time to explore the Great Pyramids of Giza and the ancient ruins.


Tangier, MoroccoMedina, Tánger Morocco beautiful view

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Tangier is often overlooked when it comes to Moroccan cities. Compared to Marrakech and Fez, Tangier doesn't get a lot of shoutouts on the internet, which is a big shame.

Tangier is one of the best spots to spend Ramadan in Morocco, especially for its pleasant weather and chill atmosphere.

Located at the edge of Africa, Tangier is one of the most culturally diverse cities around. The old medina of Tangier is one of the best spots to spend Ramadan in North Africa. Also, Moroccan cuisine will never cease to impress you during Ramadan.


Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaKuala Lumpur Malaysia a beautiful city

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Kuala Lampur is one beautiful city without a doubt. And even though it's a modern city with fancy stuff, it's not actually that expensive. You can afford to spend a month in Kuala Lampur just like in your home city.

Kuala Lumpur is very vibrant during Ramadan. The whole vibe of the city changes during the holy month, especially in restaurants. You'll have a blast exploring all the choices that Malaysian cuisine reserves for the holy month.

Malaysians are very hospitable people, especially during Ramadan. So, you should expect to be invited at some point to attend a family iftar. If that ever happens, you should embrace the opportunity to experience the authentic Ramadan experience of Malaysia.


Shiraz, IranBeautiful city of Shiraz in Iran

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Persian culture cannot be manifested better than the case in Shiraz, Iran. With over 4,000 years of cultural heritage, Shiraz is one of the richest historical cities in Asia.

During Ramadan, Shiraz changes its vibe. As the night becomes more active than the day, stores, restaurants, historical landmarks, and parks become full of liveliness and movement.

And since Shiraz is one of the most affordable spots on this list, I'm sure your bank account would appreciate a trip to this Iranian gem.


Final Words

I hope you enjoy Ramadan wherever you are. If you're traveling during the holy month, make sure to enjoy every day to its fullest and connect with the higher power at the same time.

Ramadan is when we strike a balance between our material lives and spiritual lives, hoping that we continue doing so throughout the year until Ramadan comes back again.

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