5 Reasons to Visit the Galle Fort - A UNESCO World Heritage Site!

By Halal Trip | 14, Jan, 2017
5 Reasons to Visit the Galle Fort - A UNESCO World Heritage Site!
The Galle Fort is a must-visit attraction in Sri Lanka for Muslim travelers. When you consider all of the major attractions in Sri Lanka, it is good to consider the many reasons why visit Galle Fort. Playing a significant role in shaping the history of the country, this location is one of the most important and hence popular tourist attractions which is put on display. Receiving the most coveted title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site shows how valuable this site is globally. Here HalalTrip take you through the top five reasons why is Galle Fort a top attraction.

1) A Historically Significant Port in the World 

The documented history of this port dates back as far as 125–150 AD when it was demarcated as one of the major ports in the famous historical map designed by the Alexandrian astronomer Ptolemy. Major incidences in the history of Galle Fort which occurred in subsequent times are when medieval Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta landed at the port, and in 1505 the Portuguese arrived to the country at this location. Out of the most significant was when the Dutch captured the fort and set up the fortifications to the present form it is seen today. Evidence of all of these historical events and more can be still seen in this remarkable location.


2) World Reputed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

This is one of the main answers to the question why visit Galle Fort as a part of your holiday in Sri Lanka. Owing to the immense historical and heritage value of this site, this site has received recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is something you would be most proud to talk about as a location you have visited during your travels.


3) Breathtaking Views of the Indian Ocean

As you walk along the majestic fortifications of the Galle Fort you will feel relaxed by the calm and cool atmosphere which is created as the fresh sea breeze blowing across refreshing the entire area. This architectural wonder has been built overlooking the mighty Indian Ocean and provides one of the best places to view the sunrise and sunset. 


4) Shopping! An Incredibly Pleasurable Activitiy

Since this site is one of the top attractions down south which draws counts of local and foreign travelers on a daily basis, there are many different vendors who have set up shop in the vicinity. These markets serve as excellent places where you can pick up lovely trinkets and souvenirs to take back with you as keepsakes from your visit. 


5) Ideal Conditions for Muslim Travelers

There is a significantly high number of Muslims who live in and around Galle. Therefore you will find that there are ample amounts of mosques near Galle Fort for your religious observances. In addition most of the eateries in the location serve Halal food in Galle Fort. This gives you the chance to enjoy the unique flavor of Sri Lankan food. 


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