5 Tips on How to Plan Your Trips by Mohammed Faris

By Halal Trip | 08, Mar, 2017
There are always a few things you need to keep in mind when planning your trips. Mohammed Faris - the founder of ProductiveMuslim.com - shares a few of his pre-travel tips to help make traveling productive. Watch the video above!

1) Have a Checklist

Build a checklist of the things you always want to get before traveling. Sometimes as we prepare for traveling, there are always certain things that we tend to forget or certain things that we want to bring on-board but we forget. To avoid this, have a checklist so that you can always review the list. You don't need to keep your checklist perfect from the start; you can always build on it after every trip so that it's something that you have with you all the time before traveling. 


2) Plan Your Travel Time

A lot of us plan what to do after we arrive, but what do we do on-route? For example, let's say the first hour when I'm waiting for the plane to board, I can read a few chapters of my book. The first hour that I'm in the plane, I'll do X-Y-Z. Plan your actual on-route traveling; on-route meaning inside the plane, in the airport, when you're commuting to the venue/destination. That en-route travel is usually wasted time so you might as well plan for it and make the most out of it. 


3) Make Wudhu & Pray 2 Rak'ah

A spiritual tip that helps a lot. Make Wudhu and pray 2 Rak'ah in your home before leaving. That just gets your intentions right about the trip and sometimes what I recommend you to do is to write down your intentions of what you want to achieve from the trip. It is is a very powerful and spiritual exercise; you sit down, you look and say I'm going to X country or I'm going to X city...and what do I want to achieve? What is my intention? It does help a lot.


4) Charge Your Devices

A practical tip - charge all your devices. There's nothing more annoying than you having to get your iPad, Kindle or phone and realising that your device hasn't been charged enough. So try to charge all your devices. Even if you have 80% on half of them, charge them up to 100%. Also carry all the batteries and chargers that you need - you will definitely need them, specially if the trip is very long.


5) Prepare a Trip Folder

For any country or city that you go to, prepare a folder where you can put in all the paperwork that you might need during your travel - whether it's a visa form, a copy of your passport, a copy of your hotel details, a copy of your car rental details or even contact details of the people that you're going to meet. Keep a paper-version of the back-ups because you never know when your phone might die, sometimes your phone decides not to get on. 

Hope you enjoyed those tips! Click here for more Muslim-friendly travel tips for your travels.

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