5 Unique Fashion Boutiques in Harajuku

By Halal Trip | 13, Mar, 2017
5 Unique Fashion Boutiques in Harajuku
If you're traveling to Japan and want to visit some of the best fashion boutiques in the country, make sure you make a stop at Harajuku - a fantastic fashion and shopping district in Shibuya, Tokyo!

Stopping by at this ultimate fashion district will let you find plenty of things to see and do. This location is well known around the world as the center of Japanese youth culture and fashion. Therefore as you wander through these trendy shops in Harajuku, you will definitely get a flavor of what youthful Japanese trends are all about and perhaps even pick up some interesting items to upgrade your fashion status!

Here's our article on the best Harajuku spots for unique fashion.




6% DOKIDOKI is by far the best example of Harajuku street fashion. Leading the list of 5 trendy shops in Harajuku, the colorful exterior décor of this store makes it extremely hard to miss. Decorated with bright neon pink and yellow, this bubblegum fairyland themed store has even become an internationally known brand due to the unique fashion trends it has decorated the fashion world with. This trendy store has plenty of Harajuku street fashion clothes and accessories to choose from and you might also want to check out their Facebook page which features some great looks these items can be used to create.


2) ACDC Rag


For those of you who are interested in finding where you can find unique items in Harajuku, ACDC Rag is a store not to be missed. The items in this store cover almost every type of fashion styles including gothic to punk and all of these are made available at very reasonable prices. Keeping with the demands of Harakuju fashion, this store is known to constantly upgrade their collections giving customers much to look forward to.


3) Flower Harakuju


This store stands out amongst the 5 Harajuku spots for unique fashion as its specialty is that it sells a combination of old clothes, originals and accessories. This may be a very rare trend to come by, but their fashion statements have gained recognition even amongst international fashion leaders and have secured the store top spots in many famous fashion magazines.



4) Harajuku Alta

Considering all the best design stores and boutiques in Harajuku, the Harajuku Alta would be a shopping lover’s paradise. Located in the heart of Harakuju, about a 3 minute walk from the Harakuju station, you would be able to come across this multi-level shopping mall which is known to be the best of its kind to shop for Harajuku street fashion. No matter what your fashion taste may be, you would find something to appeal to your taste as there is a large selection to choose from. This includes stores like Choco Choco by SWIMMER, Harajuku Lagrace Mart, and even a Disney Store.


5) Etude House


Harajuku street fashion would not be complete without all the fancy make up that comes along with it. This popular South Korean brand offers some of the best makeup products to suit your skin type and age. The complete range of cosmetics include those for hair, face, body and nails and the specialist store assistants are found to be very helpful and provide a unique personalized service.


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