5 Ways to Stay Productive During Your Travels by Mohammed Faris

By Halal Trip | 10, Mar, 2017
Traveling is not always stress-free and can be extremely unpredictable. Mohammed Faris - the founder of ProductiveMuslim.com - shares his thoughts on how to stay productive while traveling. Watch the video above!

1) Focus on Prayers & Quran


This is very, very powerful. First of all, prayers give a structure to our day. Even if you have jetlag, just focusing on praying Fajr on time and not sleeping before Isha; that forces you out of your jetlag very quickly. Also on a spiritual level, focus on your Salah and the Quran. Making sure those two priorities are not neglected helps you maintain a certain spiritual level in your travels. Let's be honest, travel may have a lot of temptations and uncomfortable situations, so focusing on Salah and Quran helps with maintaining that spiritual level for yourself.


2) Exercise, Eat Healthy & Have Regular Naps

Exercise almost daily when you're traveling. When you're traveling, you're going to have some awesome food and it will be really hard to stay healthy. With exercise, you actually rejuvenate yourself. A lot of the time when I'm traveling, I deliver workshops, I have meetings, I have late-night events...exercise gives a physical boost to keep going. Also if you eat healthy, it helps you stay mentally sharp. Specially traveling for work - you need to stay sharp during presentations and meetings. Take naps. A 20 minute nap can make a huge difference to your day; you'll feel great the rest of the day. 


3) Collect Business Cards, Receipts into One Folder

A lot of times when you meet people or when you go out & get receipts and business cards, you collect all sorts of paperwork. Once you go home, you often wonder what you're supposed to do with all of them. So have just one folder. I have one folder where I throw in everything - business cards, receipts, little notes that I take...so when I go home, I go and process them - what a business card meant, what I'm supposed to do with people, how to talk to them, etc. So have just one placeholder for all the paper stuff that you have during your travels. That way you don't have paper all over your bags and you don't have to look for what you think you've lost. 


4) Explore Halal Experiences

When you go to a different country or different city, there's bound to be Halal experiences. Not just food, but also things like resorts, beautiful natural scenery, the local mosques...so try to explore the Halal experiences. Don't waste time sitting in the hotel room watching TV - that's boring. Get out there and explore. 


5) Get to Know Local, Culture & Community

Try to get to know the local culture and community very, very well. Sit down with them, talk to them, ask them what their worries are, what their challenges are, and so on. Go to restaurants or places that tourists don't usually go to, it's really fun. This helps to stay aware and not just live in a bubble, in a nice 5 Star hotel. Understand the local community - that helps you make the most of your travel.

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