Trying To Sweat Off All The Rendang & Lontong But Don't Have The Right Active Wear? We Got You Covered! (Literally)

By Shamilka Rasheed | 10, Jul, 2018
Trying To Sweat Off All The Rendang & Lontong But Don't Have The Right Active Wear? We Got You Covered! (Literally)

Starting your new workout regime after all the Eid feast but having trouble looking for new modest gym wear? Some of the most common issues for Muslim women who enjoy keeping fit and active is finding breathable, comfortable workout clothes that don’t get in the way or that is too revealing. But with newly designed Muslimah sportswear and sports hijabs being introduced, breaking a sweat and looking great has become much easier.

So if you are a fitness buff who really needs some modest and hijabi workout clothes, have a look at these brands that offer some pretty good designs for Muslim women.

1. Olloum

Picture Credit: Olloum

Olloum is a fast-growing Malaysian brand founded by Sumayyah Nasaruddin that carries a versatile range of Muslimah sportswear and sports hijab that is ideal for Muslim women who enjoy keeping fit. The brand has their focus on creating designs with the urban Muslim in mind, and you will have quite a selection to choose from ranging from yoga pants to swimwear as well as tops and comfy hijab too. Olloum aims to create sleek, modern sportswear for Muslim women and is quite successful at that.

You can check out their online store or even look up some of their products on the Fashion Valet website as well.


2. Nashata

Picture Credit: Nashata

Nashata that means ‘active’ in Arabic and is a Malaysian online store that specializes in modest gym wear for Muslim women, and provides an awesome range of styles and sizes. Whether it’s compression wear, hoodies, sports hijab or even swimwear. This brand has given much thought to their designs to provide comfortable, stylish options to encourage fitness combined with style. 

They have more details about delivery information and fees on their website, where you can conveniently get their items delivered to your doorstep.

Website: Nashata

3. Mu’Mine

Picture Credit: Mu'Mine

Based in Antwerp, Belgium, this active wear brand offers a nice variety of workout clothes for Muslim women in a wide range of sizes too. Mu’Mine aims to create comfortable, breathable yet stylish designs so that Muslim women who play sports or are into fitness can go forth without being hindered by their clothing while maintaining their modesty. This brand has a great focus on quality, by using organic fabrics for their designs.

You can check out their products on their online store and pick what you need quite easily.


4. Oola Sports

Picture Credit: Oola Sports

Oola Sports is another brand to watch out for that has some simple comfortable sportswear for women – with style in mind of course. This active wear brand that is based in Qatar was founded by two friends, Haya Al Ghanim and Amina Ahmadi who really understand the style needs of the fit Muslim woman. Oola Sports combines comfort, coverage, and style. From lightweight tops to headcovers, and comfortable pants, you certainly have plenty of choices here.

Have a look at their designs on their website, where you can make your purchases at their online store.


5. Artizara

Picture Credit: Artizara

Artizara is another well-known online store that has some great designs for Muslim women, and the best part is that they do carry a selection modest gym wear that includes hijabi workout clothes and cool sports jackets as well. From comfortable t-shirts to sports maxi dresses that provide style and comfort, you won’t have trouble selecting something you like from Artizara.

Have a look at their online store, pick out your stylish workout gear and start getting fit!


6. Elif Okur

Picture Credit: Elif Okur

This active wear brand from Turkey offers affordable modest gym wear options which are simple but look pretty great. This brand offers some great Muslimah tracksuits that not only provide enough coverage but are comfortable and breathable in classic color choices too. Elif Okur also has a selection of workout t-shirt and tracksuit tops as well.

You can certainly take your pick from the nice variety that is available on their website or on the online store Modanisa.


There is no reason to procrastinate when it comes to keeping fit when you know which brands to look out for the next time you go shopping or browsing through online stores. It’s possible to look great while getting fit!

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