6 Great Picnic Ideas that You Should Try

By Halal Trip | 18, Jul, 2016
6 Great Picnic Ideas that You Should Try

Planning a picnic for two, or a picnic with a group of friends, or maybe an adults and kids picnic? Why not go all out and make it a little more fun and special by picking a theme and focusing the entire picnic around it? Not only will you have loads of fun putting it all together, you’re also sure to impress your guests with your unique picnic ideas! 

1) Beach Themed Picnic

While picnics on the beach are quite common, have you ever been to one where everything was themed around it? For snacks, you could have seafood-shaped nuggets, cute starfish-shaped sandwiches, seaweed crackers, and egg sailboats- all of which can be washed down with a glass of refreshing blue lemonade. Take along buckets and spades, beach balls, Frisbees and more, and plan a contest or two, - like who can bury themselves in the sand the fastest, or who can build the best sand-castle – to get your guests active and having fun!

2) Tea Party Themed Picnic

This is the most perfect theme for a special mother-daughter picnic. Invite a bunch of your friends, along with their daughters, get all dressed up - hats, gloves and all -, make popular tea party foods like little cakes, scones with jam, and a variety of bite-size sandwiches, take along some fancy plates and a set of tea cups and saucers, which can be used to serve tea for the grown-ups and apple juice for the kids, and there you have it, you’ve got yourself a high tea! 

3) Games Themed Picnic

Make your picnic all about fun' n’games! Ask your kids to gather up all the toys they like to play with, invite a bunch of their friends, pack up some simple picnic food - sandwiches, crackers, fruits, juice – and head to the park. Make it even more fun by dividing the kids up into teams and playing group games like football, Frisbee, dog and the bone, twister and so on. Another fun idea - if you’re willing to get a little wet - would be to only have water games, like squirt guns, water balloons and a splash pool, at your picnic. 

4) Color Themed Picnic

This picnic theme maybe simple, but we guarantee that the guests will love it! Who wouldn’t like arriving at a picnic where everything - from décor, and outfits, to the food, - are all the same color!? If it’s a girls-only picnic, go for cute pastel shades, but if you plan on inviting the boys too, pick a theme that’s gender neutral, like black and white, shades of blue, or even go rainbow! Don’t forget, the food you serve will have to match the theme too, so don’t pick a color that’s too out there! 

5) Barbecue Themed Picnic

A barbecue themed picnic, with hotdogs, corn on the cob, chips, hamburgers and potato salad, and a variety of other classic barbecue foods is a great way to start the summer. The food will be easy to prepare, you won’t have to bother much about décor, and really, who doesn’t like a good barbecue!? 

6) Hawaiian Themed Picnic

Out of all the themes on our list, a Hawaiian-style picnic excites us the most! Think of all the things you could do with this theme - tikki torches, and lei’s, delicious Hawaiian inspired food like chicken or beef teriyaki, coconut fried shrimp, macadamia cookies, and desserts with fresh tropical fruits, coconut and pineapple drinks, and more! Get your guests to wear flowery Hawaiian inspired outfits, hula skirts, floral shirts and all, and have yourself a fun luau-like picnic!  

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