6 of the Most Beautiful Sights in Langkawi

By Rozanne Amath | 19, Jan, 2018
6 of the Most Beautiful Sights in Langkawi

There is a never-ending array of best attractions in Langkawi that wait to delight all those who set their eyes on these spectacular wonders. From breathtaking natural wonders, to numerous man-made wonders that span across a cluster of 99 islands, we take you through some of the most beautiful Langkawi attractions that you should definitely add to your list of must-see places in Langkawi.


1. Amazing view of the Langkawi Sky Bridge and SkyCab ride

Leading the list of what to see in Langkawi is the breathtaking view of the Langkawi Sky Bridge. A very enjoyable cable car ride waits to take you on one of the most exciting journeys to reach the Sky Bridge at the end. This journey is by no means for the faint-hearted, because you will find yourself travelling along one of the steepest cable car ropes in the world. But gathering enough courage to embark on this journey will be truly worth it once you are captivated by breathtaking 360 degree view of the beautiful islands and the Andaman Sea below.

2. Majestic Dataran Lang or Eagle Square

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This is by far one of the most famous man-made Langkawi attractions you could come across during your trip. The reddish-brown majestic eagle structure in Dataran Lang bears much symbolic meaning with how Langkawi got its name. The folklore is associated with the two Malay words ‘helang’ meaning eagle and ‘kawi’ meaning reddish-brown, coming together to form Langkawi. Since this is one of the best attractions in Langkawi Best attractions in Langkawi you will find there are many restaurants and shops located in the vicinity.

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3. Highest peak in Langkawi - Gunung Raya

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Out of all the must-see places in Langkawi, the Gunung Raya Mountain has gained much popularity in recent years. Reaching an amazing height of 881 meters, this amazing location is surrounded by dense forest cover. This acts as a safe haven for wildlife and therefore is a great place to witness many rare species of fauna and flora such as sea eagles, great hornbills, macaque monkeys, flying foxes and many others. A 30-minute drive to the peak of this mountain will take you to one of the quietest and serene locations in Langkawi.


4. Langkawi Wildlife Park and Bird Paradise

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As you look for more options of what to see in Langkawi, the option of this amazing wildlife park and bird paradise will instantly come up. Launched in 2002, this complex covers over 10,000 sqm and features over 2,500 exotic bird species. The complex also features a souvenir store where you can get some lovely knick-knacks to take back home.


5. Pulau Payar Marine Park

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The Pulau Payar Marine Park is another of the popular Langkawi attractions located 30km south of the main island. This area is well known as one of the best locations for snorkelling and diving activities. As you engage in such exciting activities, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent beauty of the colourful coral gardens.


6. Langkawi Arts in Paradise 3D museum

Picture Credit - artinparadise.com.my

The largest 3D museum in Malaysia and the second largest in the world, Langkawi Arts in Paradise 3D museum too is another of the must-see places in Langkawi we highly recommend. Featuring over 200 pieces of amazing artwork, it would make your photos literally come alive due to the amazing 3D backdrops.

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