6 Tips on How to Survive a Long Family Road Trip

By Halal Trip | 15, Jun, 2016
6 Tips on How to Survive a Long Family Road Trip

Road trips are a great way of experiencing the most of a destination and ideal for some family bonding too. But when the kids start to groan and moan on the long car ride, family bonding time quickly turns into a disaster. Here are a few road trip survival tips you can use to keep everyone in the car happy, and comfortable, and your sanity intact. 

1. Well-fed kids are happy road-trippers

Who doesn’t pack snacks on road trips, right? This is probably the most important road trip survival tip on this list! Well-fed kids are happy road-trippers. Keep them cheery by taking along a bag full of snacks and drinks you know they love. Healthier options are an absolute must, as too much sugar can get the kids hyper and may result in a little too many dreaded “Are we there yet-s”, which may in turn result in you having a throbbing headache in no time! Also be sure to keep the snacks within reachable distance of the kids and not with you in front, or at the back of the car, so they can pick something out whenever they feel like it, and won’t be troubling you every time they’re hungry, instead. 

2. Game on!

Kids getting a little squirmy in their seats? Keep them occupied by playing some games from time-to-time. Classic road trip games like ‘I Spy’, ‘Who Am I?’ and the ‘License Plate Game’ are not only a solution to boredom, but also a great way for you to connect with your kids. If your little ones are just starting to learn their numbers, colours and the alphabet, throw these into a game too! Ask them to count the cars that they see on the road, or to spot a certain colour, and so on. But remember, don’t play them too often, ‘cause the kids will get tired of them real fast! 

3. Apps and maps

Make sure you have the route you’re taking all mapped out, and that you download apps that will make your journey a lot easier. One app that will help loads is the HalalTrip Mobile App. Available on both Android and iOS, the HalalTrip app not only has mosque and Halal restaurant locations, but also guides to attractions and more. Don’t waste time going in search of a mosque at prayer times, or for a Halal restaurant when hungry, just use the app to find the nearest ones to you! A trip planner app is also a must-have, just so you don’t get sidetracked and make numerous unnecessary stops. 


4. Get to know your destination 

Before your road trip, get the kids engaged by briefing them on where you plan to go. Show them pictures of the destination, outline the route on a map and point out all the exciting places you will be driving through, and all the fun attractions you will be passing by. Then while on the road you can ask them to run through the things, and to point out the spots they learnt about. This is a great way to make learning seem more exciting, and to keep them occupied. 


5. Prepare yourself for anything and everything 

When it comes to how unpredictable kids can be, being prepared for anything and everything is a must. Pack a backpack full of things they love - colouring books and crayons, puzzles, little toys, story books, and a few electronic items, just in case they get a little out of hand. 

6. Make regular pit stops 

Being seated for hours at a time can get anyone cranky, not just kids. Plan out a couple of pit stops where everyone can get out of the car and stretch. Maybe plan it our so your pit stop is at a popular attraction, or at a truck stop where you’ll be able to stock up on food, take a bathroom break and so on.

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