7 Halal Restaurants in Bristol - A Muslim’s Guide to Eating in Bristol

By Halal Trip | 21, Sep, 2016
7 Halal Restaurants in Bristol - A Muslim’s Guide to Eating in Bristol

Hunting Halal food in Bristol can be quite a task. Bristol, the most populous city after London in Southern England holds within it historic cities of Bath and an inspiration for art. For Muslims, here is your guide to Halal eating in Bristol with a list of seven restaurants with Halal accreditation:


1) Las Iguanas

Famously located in The Venue at Cribbs Causeway and many more corners in Bristol is the restaurant for the best Halal food in Bristol, Las Iguanas. They offer a choice of menus - Halal, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan. Their chicken (excluding kids Chicken bites), lamb and duck are all Halal-certified. Eaters at Las Iguanas only have positive reviews of the Halal food; taste your new favorites and be welcomed with the warmth of South American hospitality. However, take note that Las Iguanas also offers a non-Halal menu (including beef and chorizo) and alcohol. 


2) Subway

Enjoy Halal food in Bristol at the all famous fast-food chain of restaurants that offers American fast food dishes; Subway. Out of 2,000 Subways in UK, about 200 of its outlets have attained Halal accreditation from the Islamic Foundation of Ireland. There are two Halal outlets in Bristol - at Hamilton Court and Stapleton Road. While you're there, some of the Subway specials that you must try include toasted submarine sandwiches, deli-style sandwiches, salads and freshly baked cookies and muffins. 


3) Afendi Restaurant and Cafe (Closed)

Afendi serves Halal food in Bristol that is inspired by the Lebanese cuisine. The Middle Eastern specialties are prepared in an elegant manner, with the most popular dishes being Lamb Shawarma, Tabouleh, Biryani, and the oh-so-delicious Baklava. In addition to all the traditional cooking, you can also enjoy a hearty chunk of Bristol Halal chicken which you can share a platter with friends or family.


4) Wok to Walk

Hot and quick Halal Food in Bristol can be enjoyed at Wok to Walk, located at 39 Park Street, Bristol. All the meats offered are Halal certified and they also offer vegetarian options. All of Bristol’s Halal restaurant Wok to Walk branches are popular among young, active individuals who need a fast eating option that fit their busy lifestyle. Devour some of their Asian specialties on the spot or enjoy them on the go with their take-away option.


5) Nando’s

At Nando's you can enjoy Halal food in Bristol cooked in Portuguese style. Out of their hundreds of oulets, 72 outlets are Halal - with one being located at the Aspects Leisure Park, Bristol. This restaurant offers Halal chicken for its all famous Peri-Peri dishes, which you can choose the level of spice from Plain...(ish) to Extra Hot. This Afro-Portuguese chain restaurant is popularly known for serving flame-grilled chicken in spicy chili sauce and is one of the reasons for numerous positive reviews of Halal food in Bristol.


6) Urban Tandoor

A great curry house right in the center of Bristol is Urban Tandoor, offering great Halal Indian food in Bristol. Proudly running through the menu is a list of flavorsome curries, tandoori mixed grill, sweet and sour pickle tray, lamb shank, paneer, prawns, you name it; but most importantly, the mouthwatering Butter Chicken Masala. Along with Halal food to die for, excellent service and friendly staff await you at Urban Tandoor.  


7) Sands Restaurant (Closed)

Sands located on Queens Road in Clifton, serves some of the best Halal food in Bristol. This Lebanese restaurant treats meat-eaters and vegetarians alike with their delicious delicacies and wholesome dishes. Enjoy your meals in a natural setting with their outdoor dining or feel elegant and cozy in their stylish interiors. Not many Halal restaurants in Bristol offer entertainment, although at Sands the last Thursday of every month is an exception.


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