7 of Singapore's Most Romantic Halal Restaurants

By Halal Trip | 06, Feb, 2017
7 of Singapore's Most Romantic Halal Restaurants

Trying to find romantic Halal restaurants in Singapore might be a bit of a task, since when you imagine a romantic restaurant, it comprises of wine and fine dining in candle light. Fear not though, as all hope is not lost. Romance is about the food as much as the company, so here is our guide to some delectable dining that you can share with your significant other:


1. Fika Swedish Café & Bistrofika swedish cafe

Image Credit: Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro

Fika Swedish Café is a popular eatery that offers Halal Swedish food. Muslim-owned and 100% Halal, it is a cozy restaurant that is perfect for a date, with delicious food on offer. Best known for their meatballs, their menu sports warm comforting food that you just want to share with your loved one! It is a fairly affordable romantic restaurant in Singapore.


2. Le Steak by Chef Amri

There is nothing like perfectly cooked steak bathed in delicious sauce to help you fall in love a little bit more. This cozy restaurant is always just a little bit crowded because it offers excellent food at such a great price. In addition to steaks however, they also serve burgers, pastas, chicken and seafood, so there is something for everyone. Chef Amri is a familiar face on Suria channel, so he is a bit of celebrity of sorts, and he has maintained the standards expected of the restaurant. With quality food and good service, this is the place to impress your loved one.


3. La Marelle Café & Boutique

La Marelle Café is a great Halal restaurant in Singapore for Muslim couples to be fun, whimsical and romantic. With its Instagram-worthy food, you know you’ll have plenty of pictures to accompany your special time. They offer all-day breakfast, which is perfect if you want breakfast at any time of day! But its pasta, croissant and brunch are equally lip-smackingly good. The service is said to be a bit slow, but with the décor feeling like a different world, it’s a great excuse to get lost in each other’s eyes!


4. Tang Tea House Hong Kong Cafétang tea house hong kong

Image Credit: Tang Tea House

This is definitely your romantic Chinese restaurant in Singapore. This very affordable place is good for a solo meal, a romantic one, or even a big group one, where you get to share delectable Chinese food with your loved ones, with must trys like Fizzy Ribena, Crispy Noodles and Beef Brisket Noodles. 


5. 21 on Rajah

If you are looking for a classy dinner, 21 on Rajah does not disappoint – this is your pick for a special occasion. The restaurant at Days Hotel serves Mediterranean and local cuisine that will leave you wanting more. You can pick from the buffet menu or choose to go a la carte in Singapore’s romantic Halal restaurant.


6. StraitsKitchen

For a true Singaporean experience, visit StraitsKitchen. Halal-certified, this restaurant takes you on a gastronomical journey through all of Singapore’s ethnicities – Chinese, Indian, Malay and Peranakan – marketplace style. With live stations and food cooked to order, here is a place for a romantic dinner with flair.


7. Sofra Turkish Café & Restaurantsofra turkish cafe

Image Credit: sofra.sg

Definitely the best Turkish restaurant in town, Sofra has never been known to disappoint with food. ‘Sofra’ means a dining table in a comfy corner,   and that’s all the invitation you need for a romantic meal. With excellent food and service in this romantic Halal restaurant for couples in Singapore, hearty portions of Turkish, Iranian and Mediterranean cuisine are perfect proof that a way to a (wo)man’s heart is through the stomach!

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