Be One With Nature In Gold Coast! 7 Places to Get Real Close to Nature in Gold Coast, Australia

By Shamilka Rasheed | 21, Sep, 2018
Be One With Nature In Gold Coast! 7 Places to Get Real Close to Nature in Gold Coast, Australia
There are countless interesting things to do on the Gold Coast for nature lovers who enjoy being surrounded by the amazing flora and fauna of Australia. The Gold Coast is well-known as a surfer’s paradise for its golden, sandy beaches and great surfing spots. However, this region in Australia is also popular for some of the most breathtaking natural attractions in the world. So read and find out what to do in Gold Coast to get in touch with nature – and have a fun trip.

1. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuaryeagle in currumbin wildlife sanctuary

The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is owned by the National Trust of Queensland and is one of the top-rated tourist attractions on the Gold Coast to observe the animals in their natural surroundings. The wildlife sanctuary is the best place for nature lovers and bird-watching enthusiasts alike – visitors can also interact with koalas, possums, echidnas, and even feed crocodiles. This is an ideal spot for a family day out too. Some fun highlights include a Segway Safari which features a guided tour and the engaging Free-flight Bird Show.
Address: Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, 28 Tomewin St, Currumbin QLD 4223, Australia

2. David Fleay Wildlife Park

Located in Burleigh Heads, this heritage park is one of the best parks and natural attractions on the Gold Coast to observe wildlife learn more about Australia’s native animals, and more from different parts of the world. The park was established by Australian naturalist, David Fleay in 1952 where animal conservation and creating natural habitats for the animals has always been a top priority. You can enjoy some fascinating daily wildlife shows with the rangers or stroll along the boardwalks through the rainforest – look out for platypuses, cassowaries, kangaroos, crocodiles, and much more.
Address: David Fleay Wildlife Park, Loman Lane, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220, Australia

3. Lamington National Park
Lamington National Park

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The lush greenery of rainforests, interesting wildlife, and cascading waterfalls is what you can expect if you drop by Lamington National Park. This is the best spot to marvel at a Gold Coast national park waterfall, there are over 500 waterfalls in the area such as Elabana Falls and Coomera Falls. Wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers will have an amazing time – be on the lookout for the regent bower bird, parrots, or the red-necked pademelons. You can also get closer to nature by going on O'Reilly's Tree Top Walk on the many suspension bridges over the rainforest to admire the magnificent scenery.

Address: Lamington National Park, Binna Burra QLD 4211, Australia


4. Tamborine National Park

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Nature lovers cannot miss out on one of the best parks and natural attractions on the Gold Coast – which includes Tamborine National Park. There is so much to do here. You can spend time exploring the lush green surrounding of Tamborine mountain, and get to see the beauty of a Gold Coast national park waterfall – from Curtis Falls, Witches Falls, Cedar Creek Falls to name a few. Maybe go for a Rainforest Walk along the sturdy walkway above the rainforest landscape to marvel at the amazing view. The glow worm caves are another unique attraction to check out for an ethereal experience.
Address: Tamborine National Park, Cedar Creek QLD 4207, Australia

5. Springbrook National Park

Springbrook National Park is a fascinating place to visit for many reasons. The national park is home to a part of the ancient Gondwana Rainforest and is among the most fascinating natural attractions in the world. It’s also home to different types of birds and wildlife. Watch out for bower birds, rosellas, parrots, and Albert’s Lyrebird which is native to Springbrook. As for top attractions, the Natural Bridge over Cave Creek is a unique sight to check out – with a waterfall cascading into a cave. A colony of glow worms also resides in the cave and visitors can enjoy night tours too. From hiking, swimming, to taking in the impressive view from lookout points in the area, nature lovers will never get bored here.

Address: Springbrook National Park, Springbrook Rd, Springbrook QLD 4213, Australia


6. Sea World Marine Park Gold Coast AustraliaSea World Marine Park Gold Coast Australia


Learn about the wonders of the ocean and go on some thrilling rides at the largest marine park in Australia. Visitors can also enjoy live shows of performing dolphins and sea lions which are quite fun to watch. There is something for everyone and even plenty of entertainment for young children too. Some of the most popular attractions include the Polar Bear Shores – stop by to see the polar bears in action. Shark Bay is another favourite where you can observe not only sharks but stingrays and other deep-sea animals you won’t see elsewhere. Don’t miss out on the lively penguins at Penguin Point either.

Address: Seaworld Dr, Main Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland 4210, Australia


7. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Founded in 1927, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is the world’s largest and oldest koala sanctuary and is among the top-rated tourist attractions on the Gold Coast. You should definitely visit the sanctuary if you enjoy interacting with wildlife – and for an unforgettable experience in Australia. Lone Pine is home to other kinds of Australian wildlife too. Not only will you get to hold a koala here, but visitors get to feed the kangaroos, wallabies, and lorikeets in the sanctuary. The Free Flight Raptor Show is a must-see too with owls, kites, and eagles – and do check out the Sheep Dog Show too. 
Address: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, 708 Jesmond Rd, Fig Tree Pocket QLD 4069, Australia
Don’t miss out on the best parks & nature attractions in the Gold coast. Add these amazing places to your travel itinerary when planning your next Muslim-friendly tour to Australia!

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