7 Things To Do on Your Graduation Trip

By Halal Trip | 18, Oct, 2017
7 Things To Do on Your Graduation Trip
Graduation is that time of your life where you feel most free and confident – you can’t believe life as you know it is over, and you passed! – and you don’t really want to think about what reality is going to be like. It is in between the time that you graduate and the time life begins that you really have to make the most of. Celebrating the achievements you have made thus far, and spending time with friends and family is generally the way to go.
Of course, everyone celebrates in a different way. If you are not sure what to make of the time when you should be throwing caution to the wind and having fun, here are some ideas:

1) Treat yourselves to a limousine ride

There is nothing more glamorous than having the town staring at your gorgeous fancy limousine as you drive around. What better time to have all eyes on you, while at the same time, have your own private party going on? Graduation and limousines are practically synonymous – that’s how much you absolutely have to do this. Spending a good hour with your best friends in the biggest car you’ll probably ever be in, pretending to be rich and famous with the disco lights in the back and helping yourselves to the soft drinks provided – that’s that good life!

2) Tour Europe or the States, or anywhere really!

One of the top things to do when you graduate is travel with your friends, and there are plenty of senior trip ideas out there. Europe is one of the best senior trip destinations, with many places to see and things to do and so many cultures to absorb. You cannot go to one country in Europe without visiting the rest as well! The United States of America also offers great adventure in terms of student travel, with plenty of different landscapes, seasons, sights, and ways of life to be experienced – all in one country. It is the ultimate road trip. Many college graduation trip ideas are about travel, but if Europe or the States are too far in distance and budget, you can simply pluck a leaf out of this book and use it as inspiration to go anywhere. South East Asia provides amazing food and culture within a reasonable budget, but it really doesn’t even matter where you are – as long as you are with good friends, you will have the time of your life!

3) Have a yatch party

Depending on where you are, yatch parties can be arranged, and they are a blast! Yatchs – or slightly smaller boats – are amply available in Dubai, UAE, at Dubai Marina. Book it in advance depending on the number of people. Some yatchs provide food on-board, while others simply offer the ride. Whichever the case, it is definitely something to be tried and experienced, and graduation is the best time to do it!

4) Eat lots of good food

There’s no better excuse to treat yourself to a whole array of food than an occasion, and when you and your friends are celebrating graduation, there has to be good food involved! Book a fancy dinner – why not delight yourselves in exquisite tastes, Instagram-worthy plating, flavour combinations that you would not have thought of, and a reason to be dressed up? Or decide to try a different restaurant every day that whole week – who knows, you might find a treasure in the midst of it.

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5) Have a slumber party

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If you don’t feel like dealing with the world, the best option is to stay in – with your best friends and enough supplies of food and movies to last you a week, of course! Slumber parties are definitely one of the most fun things to do after graduation; and are the ultimate form of partying as you can be completely relaxed and do as you please, with no time constraints or schedules to throw you into panic. The midnight hours are when deep secrets are revealed, and even if you might be too sleepy the next day to remember exactly what happened, slumber parties create bonds that other parties just can’t manage. Plus, the morning-after rituals are generally ones that stick! (Ps. Waffles are a great sleepover breakfast tradition)


6) Take a beach holiday

There is something about the sun, sand and sea that just calls out. High school graduation trips don’t need to be stressful or planned to the T. Whether you fly to an exotic island, or find a beach in your local area, spending time at the sea with your friends is not a regular occurrence, but is a delightful way to create memories. Let all the troubles and stress of the year wash away with the waves as you take a dip in the sea or build sandcastles. There’s nothing like hitting a milestone in your adulthood to feel like a child again! 

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7) Surprise yourself

Some of the best post-graduation trips are the unplanned ones. Use this event in your life to get out of your comfort zone and go crazy with graduation trip ideas. Fly to a place that’s completely new to you, say yes to everything, try food you wouldn’t dream of putting in your mouth in different circumstances, or get up the guts to go on a rollercoaster or bungee jumping or a to haunted house – anything that you would never have done willingly otherwise. Consider it a way to discover yourself, and prepare to be surprised!
We hope these senior trip ideas are useful when planning your graduation trip packages wherever you are going to be. The most important thing is to have fun, and don’t forget: take lots of pictures, because you wouldn’t want to forget these moments!

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