7 Things You Need To Know When Travelling Around Singapore During The Trump-Kim Summit

By Halal Trip | 09, Jun, 2018
President Trump - Kim Summit - 7 things to know travelling in Singapore.
As the whole world knows, the summit between President Donald Trump and President Kim Jong-Un will take place between the 11th and the 14th of June in Singapore. That means you will have to plan ahead your travel around Singapore to avoid getting stuck in traffic. 
In a joint statement by Land Transport Authority (LTA) & Singapore Police Force (SPF) on the 8th June, they announced there will be road closures, special traffic arrangements, enhanced security as well as temporary delays and diversions due to motorcades. 
Here are 7 things to consider when planning to travel around Singapore during these days: 

1. Traffic restrictions around St. Regis Hotel

There will be traffic restrictions and road closures around the Hotel. The roads directly affected are Tanglin Road, Tomlinson RoadOrchard Boulevard and Cuscaden Road. Other roads leading to this area might also have traffic jams or slow moving traffic. 

2. Traffic restrictions around Shang-ri La Hotel

Similar restrictions will apply to the area around Shang-ri La Hotel. The roads directly impacted are Anderson Road and Orange Grove Road

3. Traffic restrictions to Sentosa

Good to postpone your visit to the Universal Studios! Even the roads leading to Sentosa will be directly impacted, such as Keppel Road, Telok Blangah Road, and Sentosa Gateway. 
Avoid these three areas unless you live there, work there or have some super urgent work to attend to.

4. Listen to the radio

Yes, you must have given up listening to the radio! However, this is a good time to tune into your radio app on the phone, such as the TuneIn Radio. Traffic beyond the three locations mentioned above will also be impacted due to motorcade movements. LTA mentions that any such traffic diversion due to motorcades will be announced over the radio about one hour before the actual movements. Here are the FM channels that you can tune into; 938 Now (English)Capital 958 (Chinese)Warna 94.2 (Malay) and Oli 96.8 (Tamil).

5. Use Google Maps or Waze to check out the road

It will be a good idea to check out the route that you are planning to travel on Google Maps or Waze. Although it might not be able to forecast any short notice road diversions due to motorcades, they will still give you a sense of traffic along the route. 


6. Twitter will be a good way to keep track

Twitter is good at getting you the latest news and happenings. Here are the two Hashtags to follow on Twitter to keep up with latest on Trump Kim Summit.

7. Masjids close to these restricted areas

These are good days to stick to your neighborhood masjids for salath. Masjid Al-Falah and Masjid Diraja Teluk Blangah are located closer to the roads which are affected. If you plan to go to these Masjids, good to check out if there are any traffic disruptions near them.
The night of 11th June is the night of 27th Ramadan and possibly the night of Lailathul-Qadr. On this blessed night let's pray that there will peace and prosperity in the world. 

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