8 Great Halal Bakeries in Sri Lanka

By Halal Trip | 07, Dec, 2016
8 Great Halal Bakeries in Sri Lanka

What are some of the best Halal bakeries in Sri Lanka? The smell of baking bread and the sight of delicious sugary treats is enough to draw anyone to one of the Halal bakeries in Sri Lanka. Due to the growing population of Muslims in Sri Lanka that love to indulge in eating out, the Halal options have grown too. Since there are bakeries that serve pork filled pastries, here is your guide to Halal eating in Sri Lanka:


1) Paan Paan

As it is Muslim-owned, there is no doubt about this one! Paan Paan is fairly recent on the scene but has become extremely popular thanks to the quality of its breads. Soft, airy, and with a variety of options – healthy, nutty, and more – this is a place where the slightly higher prices don’t pinch because the food is worth it! They make a great éclair too, which is generally hard to find. Their latest addition is the grill – catering to the dinner crowd – is said to be as good as its regular items, and doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a bakery specialising in Halal short-eats and breads.


2) Royal Bakery

Since they have been around for a hundred years, they have a large customer base that they fight to keep. Old school bakeries may sometimes find it hard to compete with the many new places, but Royal Bakery tries to keep up to the mark. They offer good cookies and cupcakes over the counter, as well as lunch for the hungry crowd.


3) Dolce Italia

This cute little café on Havelock road – which doubles as a restaurant serving Halal food upstairs – is a surprisingly good find for good food. Little treats and pastries might be a little more than you would normally pay for in another bakery, but at this authentic Italian restaurant, it fits the bill. 


4) The English Cake Company

The English Cake Company is known and loved for exactly that – its scrumptious cakes and pastries. Its cheesecake is especially favoured, as is its lemon pie. They are one of the Halal restaurants that serve a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner too, but the baked goodies are what customers come back for.


5) Green Cabin

Green Cabin is not exactly a bakery – they serve rice and curry for lunch, and hoppers for dinner, and since pork is on that menu, they are not Halal in that respect – but they do have an excellent chocolate cake! This is a cake that has delivered for years – not too moist and not too dry, with a perfect layer of icing around that doesn’t overpower it with sweetness. This was the cake that would be packed and cross the oceans so that as Sri Lankans living abroad, we could still have this part of Sri Lanka with us!


6) Sponge Pastry Shop

The cosy bakery in Colpetty serves up delicious fish patties and vegetable pastries, as well as a range of sweets. This Halal pastry shop is a good spot to relax or catch up with friends over small, tasty items of food. In addition to good service, they specialise in wedding cakes, sweets, and catering too.


7) Caravan Fresh

From sandwiches to pastries to cakes, the selection at Caravan Fresh would appeal to anyone who wants to grab a quick bite. The multiple outlets situated around Colombo make it an easy task, and the fact that the food is Halal means you don’t have to think twice before ordering. With a fairly average price range, this bakery delivers in terms of quality.


8) Wonder – The Bakery Café

The many outlets of this bakery is visible across Colombo. While any particular item does not stand out, the food here is cheap and Halal. Breads, burgers, mini pizzas, buns and short-eats dominate the savoury menu, while eclairs, doughnuts, cream buns and jam buns serve those with a sweet tooth.


As with any delicious food you try, check into the Halal Food Spotter on the HalalTrip App with bakeries around you so that everyone can grab a yummy bite!


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