8 Tips For Booking the Cheapest Flights For Your Next Holiday

By Nathasha Wickramasinghe | 04, Sep, 2018
8 Tips For Booking the Cheapest Flights For Your Next Holiday

You want to go on a holiday, maybe somewhere with white sands and endless ocean in front of you, or you want to hike through a lush green forest. However, your dreams may come to a halt when you see the airfare for the destination.

So you start to wonder, how can I get cheaper flights? Well, you can! So stop your worrying and take a look at these 8 tips for booking cheaper flights!

1. Book your tickets early

Is it cheaper to book flights early or last minute? Early, always! Ticket prices tend to rise within the final three weeks before your departure date. It is best if you book your tickets as soon as possible, the best time to book tickets is 3 months ahead or at least 30 days ahead of your departure date.

You can also refer online travel search engines like Google Flights as they include a price predictor which will give you a clear idea of price trends for different routes, allowing you to choose the best option for your holiday.

Booking early also allows you to book the seat you desire instead of selecting a seat from the remaining seats on the flight when you book last minute. No one wants a seat next to the bathroom!

2. Be flexible with your travel plans

Everyone wants to book flights on weekends and the day before major holidays, but that usually means your airline ticket is going to cost quite a bit of money. To avoid this book your tickets on weekdays, and the day before a holiday because airfare will be cheaper.

3. Book a connecting flight

Connecting flights are cheaper than non-stop flights, this a great option if you are not in a hurry to reach the destination. It also allows you to enjoy two destinations for the price of one! Airwander is a great search engine specially designed for this purpose.

4. Go for budget airlines

Everyone goes for the major airlines like Emirates or Singapore Airlines which can be expensive but certain budget airlines are pretty good too, mainly because they are comparatively cheaper.

Make a booking on a budget airline especially if you are traveling to a destination nearby.

5. Airlines offers and specials

Be on the lookout for promotional discounts on certain airlines and flights, you can get a great deal for an amazing location.

Going through a travel agent could also be a great option as they are usually in the know of any special deals going on for flights.

6. Compare ticket prices

Before you book the ticket through the airline's website, look into other third-party sites which may have a better deal and help you save money. Most third-party sites show cheaper tickets for the same flight routes.

7. Book tickets in bulk

Buy your tickets in bulk instead of one at a time, always book both your departure and return ticket at the same time which will cheaper when compared to a one way ticket.

You can even go for multi-city flight option, you can get cheap deals through the Skyscanner search engine by using their multi-city search function.

Another great option to bulk buy tickets for less is by booking round the world tickets and regional passes.

8. Local airlines

Booking tickets through your destination’s local airlines may also help greatly in reducing cost, make sure you refer to their websites instead of search engines as they may have better deals with very cheap ticket prices.

How to book the cheapest flight possible to anywhere? Local airlines! If you are planning on travelling to a more unknown or rare location and cannot find good deals or flights always do some research to see if they have a local airline which is sure to offer some exclusive deals for tickets.

Bonus tip: Use your flight points whenever possible, don’t let your collected Air Miles points go to waste!

Finding cheap flight tickets isn’t a difficult thing if you follow these tips, and your dream destination may not be as unattainable as it was before. So get to planning and book your flight tickets!

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