8 Unique Japanese Accommodation Options to Consider

By Halal Trip | 10, Aug, 2016
8 Unique Japanese Accommodation Options to Consider

Where to Stay in Japan - Guide to Accommodation Options

Japan has always been an interesting destination that offers tourists modern and traditional cultural experiences in unique ways. It is no surprise that some of the most unusual hotels in Tokyo are ideal for a good experience, and some of the best hotels and hostels in Japan are known for being unique in their own way.

1. Japanese Accommodation Option - Ryokans

Are you wondering where to stay in Japan so that you can experience traditional Japanese culture? Ryokans are a small traditional lodging which usually consists of a large single room with tatami mats, zabuton cushions and a low table, with decorated sliding screen doors or shoji. Rooms also have private baths and toilets. Futons are used for sleeping and blankets will be provided with gas heaters and heated tables during winter. There are over 58,000 different types of ryokans of varying quality, hotel amenities and services located all over Japan.  

2. Japanese Accommodation Option - Temple Lodgings or Shubuko

You will usually find worshippers or people making pilgrimages staying in temples where non-believers are welcome as well to stay overnight. However, only a few temples offer lodgings and they are located in placeslike  Kyoto, DewaSanzan, Mount Mitake and Nagano. The temples are historical buildings which are some of the most beautiful places to stay in Japan.

3. Japanese Accommodation Option - Minshuku or Home Stay

A Minshuku can be one of the best places to stay in Japan if you want to get into the Japanese the culture and the environment. Most Minshuku usually have only a one night stay. The Ogomachi village in Shirakawagois one of the better known places for this sort of experience.

4. Japanese Accommodation Option - Capsule Hotels

You can find some of the most unusual hotels in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe which are actually long capsules with pillows, bedding with few technological amenities as well. Some places even have separate shower facilities too. A capsule hotel is ideal to spend a few hours or a day’s rest while travelling. Nine Hours in Kyoto is one of the well-known capsule hotels.

5. Japanese Accommodation Option - Manga Kissaten or Manga Café 

Anime and manga enthusiasts might consider manga cafés one the ideal places to stay in Japan for a few hours with some places even offering free drinks, shower facilities and even ladies only sections. These manga cafés have a wide library of manga and internet services too. Most are located in Tokyo and Osakawhere a booth or seats can be rented out for about 8 hours.

6. Japanese Accommodation Option - Unique Boutique Hotels

Hotels like The Screen located in Kyoto and Hotel Claska in Tokyo offer different styles of rooms and unique family accommodation. For example, The Screen has rooms designed by well known designers and Hotel Claska offers four types of unique rooms. The enjoyable part is that guests can choose rooms according to their style and preferences and no two rooms will be alike. 

7. Japanese Accommodation Option - Themed Hotels and Suites

Make the most of a holiday by staying at some of the most unusual hotels in Tokyo that are also ideal unique family accommodation. Hotels like Tokyo Disney Resort and Hilton Tokyo Bay offer character themed rooms ideal for Disney fans of all ages. Hotel Gracery Shinjuku is definitely one of the most unusual hotels in Tokyo with a Godzilla themed room, while another suite to check out is the Q-Pot Sweet Room in Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club where the theme is sweets and cakes.

8. Japanese Accommodation Option - Hostels

While staying at a hostel might not be entirely new, the best hotels and hostels in Japanusually have unique experiences on offersuch asToco Heritage Hostel which is a 19thcentury building ideal for someone on a budget. Some others include Khaosan Tokyo, another hostel in several locations with themed styles like samurai and origami.

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