Holiday Or Simply A Quick Run To The Store? Here Are 9 Fuss-Free Ways to Style your Hijab For Any Occasion!

By Muzna Noohu | 28, Sep, 2018
Holiday Or Simply A Quick Run To The Store? Here Are 9 Fuss-Free Ways to Style your Hijab For Any Occasion!

As modern Muslimahs, we're always looking for ways to express our individuality and sense of fashion while following the ideals of Islam and maintaining modesty. The hijab is a big part of a Muslim woman's identity because it instantly identifies her as a Muslim woman and brings her closer to God.

Hijabs are becoming mainstream world over as Muslimah fashion for 2018 is catching the attention of everyone. As such, scarves are now widely available in most anywhere. International fashion icons like Macy's in the US, H&M, Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, Japan's Uniqlo, and Debenhams in London are only a few of the companies that have started to carry them!

So, now that you've got your collection of cool scarves, we're going to show you 9 of the best fuss-free and simple ways to style your hijab. Read on and you might just find your favourite!

1. Pearl Daisy Hoojab
Pearl Daisy Hoojab

Image Credit: Pearl Daisy

Amena, a popular Muslimah YouTuber from the UK created her own unique hijab, which comes with a hood and two long sides. The best part about the “hoojab” is that it allows you to drape the scarf very easily, as it is designed to fall naturally. That's why this would be one of easiest styles of hijab you can wear, especially to those just starting to wear the hijab.

Perfect for traveling, an event or even a casual hang out with your friends! The hoojab lets you style your hijab with as little pins and still pull it off effortlessly. Check out her video tutorial to see how to style it!

2. Over the Shoulders!
over the shoulders hijab

Image Credit: sauf.etc, Instagram

If you're looking for an absolutely simple way to wear your hijab , then this is for you! All you need to do is place your hijab in way that you'll have both sides equal, then pin it under your chin. Lastly, fling both sides across the opposite shoulder and voila!

This style gives you a simple elegant look without having a bunch of pins to secure it. If you want to make the style a little more extrevagante, simply let one side of the hijab drape right on your shoulders. This is perfect for a dinner date with your friends or when you're wearing something more lady-like. Plus point! This would also give you more coverage.

3. The Usuals
the usuals style

Image Credit: Hijabhills, Instagram

This is probably the most worn hijab style in the world! Simply grab a long shawl, place it on your head such that one side is longer than the other and pin it under your chin. Then, take the long side and wrap your head until you reach somewhere near your opposite ear and pin it! Leave the the short side hanging to give it a simple look or bring the short side and pin on the opposite shoulder to give more coverage!

The key to this look is to refrain from using silky or chiffon scarves if you want to use as little pins as possible. But of course using chiffon or silk scarves would give you a whole new elegant look! Perfect for weddings and events.

4. The Usuals 2.0
hte usuals 2.0 style

Image Credit: @firrrr_, Instagram

While this is just a step different from the previous step, this style gives you the VOLUME in your hijab! So here, once again placing your hijab one side shorter than the other, you pin the scarf under your chin and you take the shorter side and place it on top of your head. If you have tied your hair up in a bun, 'wrap' your bun with the shorter side of the scarf. Then finish of with taking the long side and wrap your head (with the short side underneath) and pin it on the other side. 

One point to note is to avoid using chiffon or smooth scarves because the shorter side of the scarf would then slip right off your head unless you pin it down. Best to style this using a cotton or viscose scarf so that there is friction when styling your hijab. This style also makes it more breatheable at you neck area because there is less cloth in that area.

5. Mary-Go-Round
mary-go-round hijab

Image Credit: @lilfaraaaah, Instagram 

Once again, this hijab style is so effortless! All you need to do is grab a shawl and place it such that one side is shorter than the other, then you might want to pin it under your chin. Some might prefer not to which would give it a more messy and effortless look. Then, take the longer side and wrap it around your neck. You can choose to secure the hijab with pins or if you're pretty sure that the wind won't blow it away, then you're good to go! 

To shake it up a little, take the shorter side and tuck it in your shirt, and spread it out so that your shirt does not appear bulky with all the extra cloth. There you'll have one side hanging, pin it down to secure it. So simple! This is perfect for travelers who needs simple hijab style for long hours on the plane!

6. Turkish Style Hijab
turkish style hijab

Image Credit: Modefa

This Turkish style hijab is a really simple and easy style that you can wear on a day-to-day basis – especially when you don't have much time to mess around with it too much. It comes together in a jiff! This hijab stile is really similar to the Over The Shoulders style.

All you need to do is grab a square scarf and fold it into a triangle. Place the hijab on your head such that the longest side is the closest to your face. Then, take the two ends of the scarf on your left and right, take them across and wrap your neck. Once the ends have reached the back of your neck, tie a knot to secure it. You might want to tuck the rest of your scarf in your shirt to make it look neater.

7. Hijab Without Pins
hijab without pins

Image Credit: @purheves, Instagram

Us modern Muslimahs know the struggle is real when our hijabs require an insufferable amount of pins to stay in place. But, if you want to take a break from lugging around a hundred of them in your head, your purse, etc. give this a go! This tutorial makes use of a simple knot to show us how to wear a hijab without pins – and honestly, it's just genius.

8. Criss-Cross Layered Hijab
Criss-Cross Layered Hijab

Image Credit: Sevi's World, YouTube

If you've got a bit more time on hand, and are looking for ways to wear a hijab fashionably. Why not give this criss-cross layered style a go? It's definitely something special and it looks so chic, and definitely fuss-free (if you pin it in place!).

Firstly, place your shawl on your neck such that one is shorter than the other. Take one corner of your hijab and pin it on your inner scarf, at the top of your head. Then, take the longer side of the scarf and pin it at the top of your head, forming a criss cross. Take the remaining cloth and wrap it around your head and pin it near your ear area. And there you go! This style will make sure that your scarf does not get in your way while you are participating in activities like rock-climbing, water rafting or even your daily routine!

We know this style is complicating! So here's a video that you can refer to. All credits goes to Sevi's World!

9. Let It Drape!

This style is definitely one of those that you can style anytime! Be it while on vacation, for a night out, or for class. However, this style may require more pins! But let's get to it anyways! Firstly, place your shawl with one side shorter than the other. Then, take the shorter end, bring it to the opposite side and pin it on the inner scarf near the ear. Then, take the longer side, bring it over your shoulder and let the end drape freely. You can pin the scarf down to your top and inner scarf to secure it. 

You might even want to bring the longer side over your head and pin it near your ear. You can let it drape loosely for a more effortless look.

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