A Guide to Finding Halal Food in Hungary

By Halal Trip | 01, Oct, 2015
A Guide to Finding Halal Food in Hungary
Hungary is home to the spectacular Danube River, historic spa towns, incredible scenery and attractions like no other. Also known for being a treasure trove of architecture, the European country attracts millions of tourists each year. These tourists come from all over the world, including countries that are pre-dominantly Muslim. The main question most of these tourists will wonder is whether they will be able to find prayer facilities and Halal food in Hungary. Read on for the answer! .

Islam in Hungary

While Hungary is a pre-dominantly Christian country, Islam in Hungary goes back all the way to at least the 10th century. The Muslim population in Hungary grew further in the 16th century, during the Ottoman rule. Although Muslims tourists will not easily be able to locate Muslim-friendly facilities in Hungary, it will not be impossible to find mosques and Halal restaurants in Hungary. Most of the restaurants that serve Halal food in Hungary are however located in Budapest – the country’s capital city. ..

Halal Food in Hungary

Muslim visitors will be able to locate several Halal restaurants in Budapest, which serve a selection of cuisines, ranging from Egyptian to Turkish to Syrian. Muslim tourists must however be aware that while several restaurants claim to be Halal, they may not be. Hungarian cuisine is renowned for featuring ingredients like paprika and cabbage. Paprika is in fact one of the most commonly used spices in Hungarian food. Visitors to Hungary must try out iconic dishes such the popular Goulash. Most restaurants throughout the country are sure to serve variations of this dish, but Muslim visitors may not be able to try it as it may not be Halal. Muslim visitors could try to find a place that serves a completely vegetarian or seafood version of this dish. If unable to, it is best for them to dine at the Halal certified or Muslim owned restaurants in Hungary. Some well-known restaurants that serve Halal food in Budapest include, Szeraj, Al-Amir, Cairo Café, and Antalya Kebab. Muslim tourists will also be able to prepare their own meals, if cooking facilities are available at their accommodation, as there are a few Halal meat shops in Budapest. More information regarding the best Halal restaurants in Budapest can be found at one of the mosques or Islamic Centers in the city, such as the Budapest Mosque which is located at H-1119 Budapest, Fehérvári út 41. Apart from Budapest, small Muslim communities can be found in Debrecen and Pécs as well. .