A Muslim's Guide to FIFA Club World Cup 2016 in Japan!

By Halal Trip | 07, Dec, 2016
A Muslim's Guide to FIFA Club World Cup 2016 in Japan!

If you are traveling to FIFA Club World Cup in Japan this year, HalalTrip's Muslim guide to FIFA Club World Cup 2016 is just what will help you Muslim football fans find Halal amenities for a Muslim-friendly experience! Football fans worldwide will be traveling to FIFA Club World Cup 2016 which will be the 13th edition of this football club tournament - taking place from 8th December to 18th December 2016 in two host cities in Japan – Osaka and Yokohama.


Seven Teams!

Those who are visiting FIFA Club World Cup 2016 will also get to see seven teams including the host country’s national league, competing against each other on the field with some fantastic players in great form with excellent skills. The six teams participating in this event come from continental confederations around the world and are as follows:

Colombia - Atlético Nacional , CONMEBOL
Spain - Real Madrid, UEFA
South Korea - Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, AFC
South Africa - Mamelodi Sundowns, CAF
Mexico - América, CONCACAF
New Zealand - Auckland City, OFC
Japan – Kashima Antlers, AFC

The Two Venues

Visitors traveling to FIFA Club World Cup 2016 will witness the event at the two venues - the Suita City Football Stadium in Osaka and the Nissan Stadium (formerly known as International Stadium Yokohama) in Yokohama. The availability of Halal food and prayer facilities will vary at each venue.

Osaka - Suita City Football Stadium

Quarter finals - 11th December 2016
Play-offs - 14th December 2016
Semi-Finals – 15th December 2016

Muslim-friendly facilities at Suita City Football Stadium in Osaka

While there are no prayer facilities at Suita City Football Stadium, the mosques in Osaka near the stadium include the Ibaraki mosque which is 5 km away and the Osaka Masjid that is located 21 km from the venue. Prayer room facilities can also be found in the Lalaport EXPOCITY shopping complex, located about 1km away.

Finding Halal food at Suita City Football Stadium and Halal food in Osaka can be tricky but some Halal restaurants in Osaka in the area include SOBA DINING Yuigetsuan Sojibou in Lalaport EXPOCITY, Ganko Hozenji about 21km from the venue and Ali’s Kitchen and Halal Ramen Honolu located 24km away.

Yokohama - Nissan Stadium

Play-offs - 8th December 2016

Semi-finals – 15th December 2016
Finals – 18th December 2016

Yokohama - Muslim-friendly facilities at Nissan Stadium 

While there are no restaurants serving Halal food at Nissan Stadium, Muslim visitors can choose vegetarian or seafood options at the restaurants within the venue. There are a small number of Halal restaurants in Yokohama that fairly close to the area which includes Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum which is a museum with nine ramen restaurants. While there are no prayer facilities at Nissan Stadium the ramen museum also has a multi-faith room for guests with prayer mats too.

Mosques in Yokohama close to the venue only include the Jame Masjid located about 6km away. A few more Halal restaurants in Yokohama includes T.G.I Fridays (Non-meat selection)Port Terrace Café and Caspian.

For more information on the games, please visit FIFA's official website!

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