A Muslim’s Guide to Prayer Facilities in Stunning Spain

By Muhammad Hafaz Mohd Kahliab | 08, Dec, 2017
A Muslim’s Guide to Prayer Facilities in Stunning Spain
It is no surprise that Spain has become one of the top must-visit destinations, for Muslim travellers, in the world. Here are some of the reasons why..
  • A Family-friendly destination: Spain is a vibrant and lively destination which offers attraction and activities suitable for the whole family.
  • Rich Islamic history: Muslim visitors, for the most-part, fit right in since a large part of the history of Spain involves Muslims. This is depicted in a lot of the architecture, all around the country. 
  • Impressive Mosques: It is possible to find nearby prayer places and mosques in Spain. Mosques in Spain are remarkably aesthetic in its architecture. Some examples would be  La Gran Mezquita de Valencia, Masjid Tariq Ibn Ziyad King, Abdul Aziz Mosque and many more

Here are some of the best must-visit Muslim-friendly cities in Spain and what to look out for your next visit.  


Visitors to Valencia rarely ever get bored. The city is famous for being one of the oldest in the country and is, therefore, home to a plethora of incredible cathedrals, museums, historic buildings, beautiful gardens, medieval churches, and squares.

Must See Attractions

  • City of Arts and Sciences is the most popular and important tourist attraction in Valencia. There are quite a number of attractions in the  City of Arts and Sciences itself including Europe’s biggest aquarium, a huge 3D cinema with a 900m concave screen, an interactive museum on science and technology and many more!
  • Central Market is one of the largest markets in Europe and visitors will be able to find great deals on an amazing selection of local and national produce including fresh fish, seafood, clothes and other things unique to the city. 
  • The Gardens of Turia is 9km long and remains one of the best places to unwind in Valencia. It is surrounded by a river, museums, monuments and vast architecture. The garden is indeed one of the most aesthetic locations in Valencia.

Mosques In Valencia

  • La Gran Mezquita de Valencia is the largest of the many mosques in Valencia. 
  • The Islamic Cultural Center of Valencia has a convenient prayer hall for Muslims to perform their daily worship.  


Marbella is a world-renowned resort, popular for its incredible climate and beaches; among the rich and famous. 

Must See Attractions

  • Puerto Banús. Visiting holidaymakers from all around the world walk around the marina, also known as Puerto Banús. It is a large entertainment centre, home to a wide range of restaurants, eateries, shops and much more.

Mosques In Marabella

  • The King Abdul Aziz Mosque is popular for its Andalusian-inspired architecture. It is an impressive building located just off the main road leading to Marbella centre. It is easily accessible by public transport. 
  • Al Risalat Mosque is located in Marbella off the Golden Mile. The mosque is a large, impressive landmark which is hard to miss and is one of the first mosques that were built in the area.


Madrid, apart from being the capital of Spain, is also its largest city. It is the economic, social, architectural, cultural and political hub of the country. Located in the heart of Spain, this city is mostly known for its fantastic food and fascinating culture. 


Must See Attractions

  • Royal Palace of Madrid is the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family at the city of Madrid, but it is only used for state ceremonies. No doubt its architecture is absolutely majestic.
  • The Madrid city walls or Muralla Arabe, which was built in the 9th century is definitely a must-see in the 21st century.

Mosques In Madrid

  • Madrid Central Mosque (Abu Baker Mosque).  This mosque spans across four floors and also located on its premises is a nursery, a school, a library and some offices
  • Islamic Cultural Center of Madrid. It is the largest mosque in Europe and has a number of facilities on its premises such as a college, library, ritual bath house, gym, cafe and an Arabic restaurant


It is a special city surrounded but world-renowned beaches and incredible natural scenery. Visitors to the city should spend a couple of days just exploring the city on foot. Barcelona has cuisine, architecture, art, culture and so much more that can be enjoyed. With a little over four kilometres of beaches, visitors cannot leave Barcelona without at least getting their toes wet in the glorious blue water.


Must See Attractions

  • Mount Tibidabo is a 520 meter-high mountain where visitors will be taken away by the breathtaking view of the city of Barcelona. There is also an amusement park packed with tons of rides with different themes suitable for the whole family!
  • Montserrat is another mountain where visitors will be able to admire the magnificent landscape of Catalonia. Visitors can also have a stroll at the nature park where they will encounter various species of vegetation and wildlife.

Mosques at Barcelona

  • Masjid Tariq Ibn Ziyad. The six-floor mosque is the largest and most well-known Mosque in the city. Most Muslims in Barcelona would offer their prayers there during Eid.
  • Minhaj Islamic Center Spanish branch of the Minhaj-ul-Quran International organisation based in Barcelona. The prayer hall is reasonably in size, where 400 Muslims can offer their prayers at once.


Located in southern Spain is one of the most historic and varied cities in the country, Granada. It has a rich Islamic background and was in fact formerly ruled by Granadan Muslim Kings over 700 years and the last city in Andalusia to fall to the Christians.

Must See Attractions

 Mosques In Granda

  • Mosque of Granada was built after a wait of more than 500 years. It is now used by thousands of locals and tourists and has become a landmark for Muslims in the city.
  • Al-Taqwa Mosque is a mosque has been around since the 1980 and is another mosque where Muslims can offer their prayer in Granada


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