A One-Week Muslim-Friendly Holiday in China

By Halal Trip | 06, Aug, 2015
A One-Week Muslim-Friendly Holiday in China

With one of the longest recorded histories in the world, China is a treasury of spetacular sites and attractions. A definite must-visit for travel enthusiasts and Muslims should be in no way deterred! Since its Islamic history is almost as old as Islam itself, China is no stranger to mosques and Halal food.


his province is known for being home to much of China’s ethnic minorities, as almost half of its population are non-Han. To fully appreciate the diversity of the region, visit the Yunnan Ethnic Cultural Village for the architecture, art, food, customs and clothing. Explore the natural world at the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain National Park, an incredibly scenic location.

Don’t miss out on the enthralling limestone formations of the Stone Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are no shortage of shopping opportunities around Jin Ma Bi Ji street, from flower markets to chain stores. Visit the old towns of Guan-Du and Dali. In Dali Ancient Town, the Erhai Lake cruise is a must-have experience for the many small islands worth visiting, like Nanzhao Island or Jinsuo Island, and the enchanting landscape. Don’t worry about finding a place to pray as there are plenty of mosques to visit, such as the Hui-Dong-Yuan Mosque, Yong-Ning Mosque and Lijiang Old-town Mosque.


The Great Wall of China is still the most renowned tourist attraction in all of China. In HalalTrip’s Muslim Friendly Package, visit the Great Wall at the Juyong pass; one of the three most notable mountain passes of the Wall. You’ll also get to experience more of China’s culture and history at a jade factory, while witnessing some of its more recent feats with a photo stop at the Olympic Stadium. Halal food is provided throughout the tour with a special visit to the Niujie Mosque, the oldest mosque in Beijing, first built in 996.


HalalTrip currently offers Halal-friendly packages to Yunnan and Beijing. Find more details on tour packages to China here: 4-day Yunnan Classic Tour 6-day Yunnan Impression Tour 4-day Beijing Tour

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