A Weekend Getaway in London

By Halal Trip | 16, Jul, 2015
A Weekend Getaway in London

A dream destination for many, London for long has been attracting visitors from across the world. The city is immersed in antiquity and wherever you go there is something eye-catching to see. Here is a weekend itinerary to get you the best on a two-day stay in London


Day 1:

After Fajr: Early Morning to Mid- Day Destinations

1. Trafalgar Square: See Nelson’s Column, National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery. The National Gallery opens at 10AM and you can spend about an hour here.

2. Parliament Square: At the end of the Whitehall is the Big Ben and Houses of Parliament.

Mosques (masjid): Mayfair Islamic Centre and Baitul Aziz Islamic Cultural Place are the closest.

Halal Restaurants: Halal Restaurant (Kebabs) at Edgware Rd, Cafe Nouf (Lebanese cuisine) at Lower Grosvenor.

Afternoon: Afternoon to Evening Destinations

1. Buckingham Palace: The official residence of the Queen.

2. Wellington Arch: Walk up the Constitution Hill to the Wellington Arch.

3. Natural History Museum: Houses several specimens ranging from prehistoric past to present day. Takes about an hour.

Mosques (masjid): Mayfair Islamic Centre and Islamic Cultural Centre at Park Road.

Halal Restaurants: Holiday Villa (Malaysian cuisine), Café Nouf, Halal Restaurant at Queensway.

Evening: Evening Destinations and Dining Options

1. Science Museum: Spans over 3 floors, last entry is at 5:30PM. Takes about 1-2 hours.

2. Kensington Gardens: Take a short stroll around Round Lake and Kensington Palace.

Mosques (masjid): The Islamic Cultural Centre at Park Road, Mayfair Islamic Centre.

Halal Restaurants: Khan’s Restaurant at Westbourne Grove, Halal Restaurant at Queensway,

Day 2:

After Fajr: Early Morning to Mid- Day Destinations

1. Strand: Walk down to see the Somerset House, St. Clement Danes, Royal Courts of Justice and the Temple Bar, which was the old entrance to the city.

2. Tower of London: A World Heritage Site has a museum. Can take about 2 hours.

Mosques (masjid): London Muslim Centre, Brick Lane Jame Masjid, Suleymaniye Masjid.

Halal Restaurants: Halal Restaurant at St. Mark’s Street, Baraka Eatery at Whitechapel Rd.

Afternoon: Afternoon to Evening Destinations.

1. Tower Bridge: Cross it to reach the other bank of the Thames River and get views of City Hall, HMS Belfast and Southwark Cathedral.

2. Tate Modern Art Gallery: Amazing artwork. Visit can last for about an hour and a half.

Mosques (masjid): London Muslim Centre.

Halal Restaurants: Halal Kebab Shop at the Old Kent Road.

Evening: Evening Destinations and Dining Options

1. London Eye: Among the largest observation wheels in the world.

2. Oxford Street: Variety of shopping opportunities.

Mosques (masjid): Islamic Centre at Berwick St, Euston Mosque at North Gower Street.

Halal Restaurants: Cocochan on James Street, Halal Restaurant at Edgware Rd. and St. Mark’s Street.

Miscellaneous: The Royal Parks of London are excellent to walk around. Start at the Paddington station, and walk towards the Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Green Park and St James Park. It can take almost half a day to walk around the parks.

Restaurants: Halal restaurants are available around Whitechapel Rd and Brick Lane in East End, Bayswater, Edgware Rd and Paddington and several parts of north London.

Souvenirs: Tea accessories, placemats, foodstuff and antique maps. Oxford Street and Regent Street are the main shopping destinations.

Transportation: Public transportation system tubes, trams and buses. Boats, taxis and cars are also good choices. Travelling on foot is also a good option.

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