Explore Japan On A Whole New Different Level! Nature Junkies, This Is For You!

By Shamilka Rasheed | 18, Sep, 2018
Explore Japan On A Whole New Different Level! Nature Junkies, This Is For You!

Japan is known for its bustling modern cities thriving with technology and an intriguing culture as well, along with the famous Cherry Blossom festivals and anime - the highlights of Japan. However, there are plenty of adventurous things to do in Japan too!

Japan is also known for some of the most picturesque mountain scenery and unique places that nature lovers shouldn't miss. So before you head to the cities to check out the kawaii spots - start venturing off the regular tourist route and visit the most beautiful natural places in Japan. Trust us, you will be pleasantly surprised while you get to take in the fresh air while exploring Japan's rugged outdoors.

Enjoy A Day Trip To Mount Tsukuba

Kick start your outdoor expedition by hiking up Mount Tsukuba where you can take in the serene mountain landscape of the region - which is just as beautiful on cloudy, grey days. Also known as the purple mountain, Mount Tsukuba is 877 meters tall, where you can even see the famous Mount Fuji when you get to the top. Mount Tsukuba consists of non-volcanic rock unlike other famous mountains in Japan.

It is covered with lush greenery creating quite the pleasant outdoor scene. Do stop by the Mount Tsukuba Shrine which dates back to several centuries ago, it’s located right at the foot of the mountain. Mount Tsukuba is worth the trek and promises a rugged climb that gets your blood pumping, but even novice hikers can still attempt the climb. If an engaging day trip to get your energy going is what you are after, Mount Tsukuba should be your first stop.

Nature enthusiasts should not miss a visit to the Tsubuka Botanical Garden that is part of the research branch of The National Museum of Nature and Science. Take a stroll in the garden during visiting hours and spend some quality time among the natural green surroundings and flowers too.

Hiking At Mount Takao

If you are ever in Tokyo during the autumn season, you must deviate from your city plans and start your Japan outdoor adventures with a short excursion to Mount Takao. This is one of the most popular spots for hiking – just ideal for Japan adventure activities. Known for a spectacular scenery with hues of red leaves decorating the region, a hike up Mount Takao is the perfect outdoor activity for nature lovers who are looking for a great escape from the city.

There are several hiking trails to choose from at Mount Takao, and you need not travel too far from Tokyo to get close to nature either - so no worries here for beginners or novice hikers! You can get a head start up Mount Takao by cable car and take a stroll to enjoy Japan’s outdoors – do look out for the massive cedar trees and stop by the Mount Takao Shrine (known as Yakouin) to admire the impressive statues.

National Parks For Nature Lovers

A Trip To Mizumoto Park

After your engaging hike to Mount Takao, take the time to unwind at Mizumoto Park – which is within the 23 wards of Tokyo.

Another fine spot for nature lovers in Tokyo is the massive Mizmoto Park which is known as a favorite spot for Hanami picnics and boasts of poplar trees, and a nice bird sanctuary as well. Take a stroll by the pond and enjoy the serene environment away from the busy city.

Popular Spots at the Chichibu Tama Kai National Park

The Chichibu Tama Kai National Park covers an impressive range of 1262 km which includes towns that are part of the Tokyo, Saitama, Nagano, and Yamanashi prefectures. Now it’s time to take a journey outside Kofu City in the Yamanashi prefecture to the Mitake Shosekyo which is among the most beautiful natural places in Japan.

Picture Credit: David Gevert on Flickr

When you start the 4km hike from the Nagatoro Bridge to the Sengataki Waterfall, you can certainly take in the peaceful setting of the mountain river winding through the valley. The Mitake Shosekyo gorge is another awesome spot that is particularly beautiful during autumn.

Cave Exploring In Japan

Cave exploration is probably not the first activity that comes to your mind when you think of Japan. However, going cave exploring is a fun activity to add to your off-track adventures, and this is a great way to make your trip to Japan more unique rather than simply visiting only the most popular attractions. You can really get a unique and unforgettable travel experience this way too!

Enoshima Iwaya Caves

Picture Credit: Discover Fujisawa

Located a little more than an hour away from Tokyo on Enoshima Island, these caves are famous for their shrines and history. These are quite easy to navigate through, where you can walk down the stairs or pay a small fee to take the escalator to enter the caves. The first cave is the largest one with Buddhist statues and another tunnel with statues of the island’s goddesses complete with some interesting information.

The second cave will have a statue of a dragon that was known for making trouble in the region and was subdued by the goddess Amaterasu. This area is a picturesque coastal area that area which is definitely worth a trip.

The Akiyoshido Cave

Picture Credit: Okayama

These caves are something unique – and you can certainly get some nice photos during your trip too. This is the largest and longest limestone cave in the country and is part of the Akiyoshidai Plateau, from where you can see limestone formation dotting the entire region. For something more challenging you can select the cave’s adventurous route that promises a nice view, but you can still enjoy the underground scenes of limestone formations and rock pools on the easier path.

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Japan has plenty of interesting places to satisfy the adventurer in you, and most importantly some great spots where you can take in the magnificent natural surroundings of the region. So you have plenty of reasons to start planning that Japan tour today!

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