All You Need To Know About Escape Rooms

By Deidre Casandra M. | 10, Oct, 2022
All You Need To Know About Escape Rooms

Looking for great activities or attractions that could stimulate your mind while staying active? Try going to an escape room for a day worth of fun! Perfect to visit with families and friends!

What an escape room is

a mysterious door

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The escape room is a game in which players from any walk of life have to solve a series of puzzles, codes, and riddles to escape from a locked room. They aren't built to be impossible, and most are designed so that you can escape within an hour. The escape room is an excellent activity for office groups, university students, and even family members who wish to have fun and bonding time. It is one of the Muslim-friendly activities that all different walks of life can enjoy.


History of escape room

history of escape room

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There are a lot of backstories that revolve around how the escape room game was originally developed. One of them is when a game developer named Toshimitsu Takagi launched Crimson Room, a small-budget video game that silently took the world by storm in 2004. In this video game, the players would solve a series of riddles to escape a crimson-colored room. Then in 2007, a Kyoto-based developer named Takao Kato dreamt of turning the video game into a physical game. It was then that it changed the future of the gaming industry forever. Kato's dream became a reality as he built the physical escape room game, which quickly swept the world. As the game's popularity grew, more permanent homes were needed for the game to be built. To this day, this iconic game is still widely played and mostly can be found in a shopping mall, where all the crowds go.


What you can see in it

If you're planning for an escape room game day, gather up your savviest group of friends and decide which theme appeals to each of you most. The amount of genres offered in a facility usually depends on the size of the space the management can manage. The more space they have, the more genres they can offer. Some popular themes you'll find in an escape room are; mystery, fantasy, horror, prison, military, futuristic, and crime.


Tips for deciding the right escape room theme and winning it

Tips for deciding the right escape room theme and winning it

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  1. Consider the interests of everyone in your group.
  2. Don't just consider the theme that appeals to you; think about the preferred objective.
  3. Try something new. If you or one of your members have completed a mystery-themed escape room, try another theme such as a horror or prison room so everyone can have fun.
  4. Decide the age appropriateness as some escape room has recommended minimum ages.
  5. Consider the level of difficulty.
  6. Come with a game plan and have fun with it.


Benefits of playing escape room

Benefits of playing escape room

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Playing in an escape room is a lot of fun, but apart from that, the game will be able to benefit your overall being. This game improves your problem-solving skill. Throughout the game, various challenges and puzzles require you to solve to escape the room—this train your brain to think outside the box with your ever-creative solutions to problems. Plus, playing the escape room game can encourage healthy bonding among family members, friends, or even office colleagues. This is because you must work together as a team to escape the room. The escape room game allows you to learn how to communicate effectively with others and work together to solve problems.


Dress code in an escape room

For Muslims, it is advised to wear in a polite manner. Since you will be moving around a lot, you need to wear comfortable clothing and shoes to move freely. Avoid too flowing clothes as they might get caught on something in the room.


The best and most well-known escape room in the world

For a die-hard escape room fan, check out these top escape rooms around the world that will keep you interested and give you a thirst for more.

  1. The Laboratory in Bunschoten, the Netherlands
  2. Locked In: The Birmingham Escape Game in Birmingham, USA
  3. The Mr. X Mystery House in Shanghai, China
  4. The Basement in Los Angeles, California, USA
  5. The Office in Philadelphia, USA


The best escape room in Asia

  1. Phobia Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  2. Escape Room KL, Malaysia
  3. Seoul Escape Room, Korea
  4. Trapped SG, Singapore
  5. Escape Room, Thailand


We hope we have provided you with an overall idea of how an escape room works.

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