Ark Billur Hotel: Conveniently Located Muslim-Friendly Hotel in Tashkent

By Bella Arti | 22, Sep, 2021
Ark Billur Hotel: Conveniently Located Muslim-Friendly Hotel in Tashkent

Standing as the capital of Uzbekistan, exploring Tashkent can be really entertaining especially for antiquarians. In this ancient city that was founded 2.200 years ago, we are welcomed with such rich history of an ancient civilization. This city stands on the Great Silk Road from China to Europe. Acting as the largest city in Central Asia, Tashkent saves a lot of history, including Islamic history from the past. Therefore, it is very possible that we can just explore this city and get lost track in time, immersed in its beauty.

Talking about getting lost track in time, we do not want to waste our travel time by choosing a hotel with a location that hardly has any easy access to transportation to the main attractions of the city. Therefore, to maximize your traveling experience in Tashkent, choosing a place to stay in Tashkent that is Muslim friendly with easy access to transportation with an affordable price and comfort are the four most important things for us to do right now.


Affordable and Convenient

About that, we have already come up with a solution. Avoid wasting your energy and time by staying at Ark Billur Hotel. It is conveniently located in the southern district of Tashkent. It only takes 10 minutes to go from Tashkent International Airport to Ark Billur Hotel. We know you can get really exhausted from your plane ride to Tashkent. Therefore, once you have landed in the city, you can directly go to the hotel by riding their airport shuttle. Just make sure you have informed the hotel about your arrival. Other than that, here is the hotel’s information details:


Ark Billur Hotel
Ark Billur Hotel Tashkent Uzbekistan

Address: 29B, Yangi Quyliq Street, Quyliq Massiv 1

City: Tashkent

Country: Uzbekistan

Front Desk: Open 24/7

Number of Rooms: 36

Types of Rooms: Twin Room, Deluxe Double Room, and Deluxe Twin Room.


CrescentRating: 6

If you are in any way concerned about the Halal or Muslim-friendly facilities and services of this hotel, rest assured because Ark Billur Hotel is already accredited and was awarded 6 out of 7 points by CrescentRating. The assessment was obtained from a detailed observation of the hotel facilities and services. Other than that, Ark Billur Hotel is well-rated dan reviewed on many platforms for its services, facilities, free access to wi-fi, comfort, and cleanliness.

Prayer Facilities

The first thing that you should know is that this hotel has Muslim staff and Muslim owners. Therefore, they will understand your needs as a Muslim traveler as they are trained on Muslim guest requirements. They provide female prayer dresses and prayer mats. Ark Billur Hotel room toilets are fitted with hand shower for your convenient ablution.

Prayer directions are also marked in each room and if you are wondering about when is prayer time in Tashkent, the prayer timetable is available at the front desk and in your room. Furthermore, male and female prayer rooms are also available in the hotel. On top of that, you can definitely get a list of nearby mosques from the staff.

However, if you need to know the ease of access to the mosque from the hotel right now, here is a list of the closest mosques:

Nearby Mosques

1. Valihuja Ogli Norhuja Mosque - 1.8 km

2. Quyliq Ota Mosque - 1.8 km

3. Ittifoq Mosque - 2.3 km


Halal Restaurant and Food
Ark Billur Hotel Room Tashkent Uzbekistan

Image Credit: Ark Billur Hotel

Furthermore, the Ark Billur Hotel serves Halal food and beverages that are assured by the management. The hotel’s manager ensures all necessary ingredients for the kitchen and restaurant are assured Halal in compliance with Shariah Law. Here, you can also get Halal banquets, room service, and breakfast in the hotel.

After a long day of exploring the city and your mouth suddenly needs a snack? No worries! All snacks and drinks in the room minibar are definitely Halal. There is also a coffee maker and tea maker inside every room. Moreover, when your tongue suddenly craves local halal food, there are many halal restaurants around the hotel. You can definitely find Halal restaurant at a walking distance up to within 5KM from the hotel. About that, you can ask the hotel staff to provide the list of nearby Halal restaurants. If you want to roam around the mall and may be curious about their Halal-certified food at the food court, there is Compass Shopping Mall which is only 5 minutes by taxi.


Ramadan Special Services

About the hotel service in the month of Ramadan, Ark Billur Hotel service is quite impressive. They can arrange Halal iftar and suhoor for you and your family. The hotel is also known for the friendliness of its staff, so if you need to be taken to the mosque for Tarawih prayers or Eid prayer, the staff can definitely arrange it for you.


Family-Friendly Facilities

Other than that, why Ark Billur Hotel got 6 out of 7 from CrescentRating, is also because of the fact that this hotel does not have a discotheque, gambling resort nor serve alcohol. They also do not provide adult TV channels in the room. Therefore, if you bring your family and kids here you will not find those items. Hence, we can conclude that this hotel in Tashkent is definitely Muslim Family-friendly.


Other Services

Other services that are worth to be mentioned are the hotel has a female-only floor and a stewardess can be requested for guest’s convenience. This hotel also provides free car parking. Good news for vegetarians, because Ark Billur Hotel is vegetarian friendly, therefore they can also serve vegetarian food based on your request.


Tourist Attractions
Tourist Attractions Tashkent Amir Temur Square

Image Credit: Dan Lundberg on flickr

Here is a list of tourist attractions in Tashkent closest to Ark Billur Hotel:

Amir Temur Square (10 km)

Amir Timur Museum (10 km)

State Museum of History (10 km)

Museum of Applied Arts (11 km)

Chirchiq river (13 km)

Minor Mosque (14 km)

That is all about Ark Billur Hotel in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Is this the right hotel that suits all your needs? If so, for your convenience, you can book this hotel with us and get the cheapest price starting from SGD 50 only. To book a room, simply click here!

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