10 Arts & Craft Home Based Businesses for the Artsy Soul

By Halal Trip | 29, Dec, 2021
10 Arts & Craft Home Based Businesses for the Artsy Soul

Previously we brought you 10 Halal Food Home Based Businesses that offer a range of cuisines such as Halal Korean, Japanese, and Mediterranean food. A gastronomic adventure in the comfort of your home.

This time we bring you 10 Arts & Craft based Home Based Businesses to cater to your artsy soul. Whether it’s trinkets, decorations, or wearables, their handmade products are sure to pique your interest.


Florally Crochet

From mask extenders to coasters to cardigans and even handbags, Florally Crochet offers fully crocheted products that are as colorful as they are intricate. The designs on their products are decorated with beautifully crocheted patterns and motifs.

The catalog of these handcrafted products is updated often, with new designs, colors, and types of products being released ever so often or depending on the availability of the yarn. Follow them on Instagram to stay up to date with the latest designs and products!

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ProjectKhat_ HBB modern calligraphy

Image Credit: Projectkhat on Instagram

If you're into calligraphy then you're going to like Projectkhat! Projectkhat, as the name implies, specializes in Modern Islamic Calligraphy and prints. With products ranging from beautiful notebooks adorned with Islamic motifs to prints of Quranic verses for you to hang or display around the house, Projectkhat enables you to bring the beauty of Arabic calligraphy into your homes.

Other than those products, they also offer bespoke Watercolour Khat Pieces where you can customize the calligraphy to make it your own unique piece of art. They also curate Wedding stationery such as wedding cards and guest books!

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Brambe SG

What happens when design and sustainability come together? Brambe is what happens! Brambe aims to redefine future homewares to be eco-friendly and uniquely designed.

These handcrafted wares are created by upcycling waste with minimal production material. Giving a new lease of life to items that could have otherwise ended in landfills.

The products from Brambe range from trays, coasters, pots to even laptop stand. All are beautifully decorated with the smooth swirls of the marble design or the Terrazzo design. These futuristic housewares are definitely insta-worthy! 

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Fromfranwithlove HBB custom gifts

Image Credit: From Fran, With Love on Instagram

From the same people who brought us SushiBake, From Fran With Love specializes in custom gifts. Their assortment of products for you to choose from will leave you spoilt for choice.

Their customization services will let you choose the names to be printed on the products, change the design, or do anything your heart fancies. Making the gifts extra special! 

The gifts and products that they offer range from Bags, Keychains, Travel Prayer Mats, and many more!

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Moggymau started off selling money envelopes or green packets for Eid but has since branched out to include Art Prints and Handmade Homewares in their catalog. All are produced and designed in-house.

Their latest venture, Handmade Homewares, includes homewares made from concrete! Who knew concrete could be made into such stylish dishes and vessels.

Another type of product that Moggymau is known for is its prints, which include an assortment of designs and even some Islamic texts that are perfect to beautify your living spaces.

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PaintByPaint offers a range of handcrafted and bespoke art commissions and gifts. Catering to events with their wedding stationery to customized art commissions where you can get the picture of your choice to be either painted or turned into digital illustrations in a number of different styles. They can even paint it on the back of your laptop screens!

PaintByPaint also offers Arabic Calligraphy which is available in different sizes, great as gifts or as decorations on your walls.

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Flaricious crafts HBB handmade products

Image Credit: Flaricious Crafts on Instagram

Flaricious Crafts offers a range of handmade products made from beautifully laid out motifs, patterns, and motifs. Their ornate products range from mask extenders to origami bags to pouches for your glasses.

Their beautiful Japanese fabrics designs are really pleasing to look at with the complex but harmonious designs but if you're looking for something different, they also provide customization services where you can request custom-made orders.

Their products like tissue pouches and keychain pouches also make great gifts to your friends or loved ones!



Sofia & Salsa

Sofia & Salsa turns your pictures into digital illustrations in varying styles of your choosing. Bringing an added flavor to your pictures, turning you or the person in the picture into cartoon characters or chibi characters.

One cool thing about their products is that you can choose from a number of mediums which you can print your illustrations on. From Mini Pillow Keychains, Phone Covers to Baby blankets, and many more!

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Koscreation HBB

Image Credit: KosCreations on Instagram

KosCreations create handmade homeware from Terrazo. These colorful and aesthetic homewares come in a range of colors and styles, you can even make it even more personalized by having your name imprinted onto their products.

Their Stella line are coasters that have been coated with a waterproof sealant so you don't have to worry about them getting soaked. While their Kailani line are trinket dishes that are tastefully shaped like seashells. They even let you choose from the different styles or colors for your coasters or trinkets dishes, so you can have them just the way you like them!



At Euphoria Candles

Scented candles are something we're all familiar with, the fragrance from the candles is known to be great at setting the fragrant ambiance of the room; especially if you're trying to relax or focus. But the candles from At Euphoria Candles go another step further making it a great gift for your loved ones. Plus their candles and packaging are either recyclable or sustainable!

Euphoria Candles offers an option for you to add a hidden customized message into the candles themselves. Along with the hidden messages, their candles are decorated with freshly bloomed flower bouquets that just make the scented candles not only smell great but look great as well.

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Closing Remarks

The creativity and passion of these artists or Home Based Businesses clearly shines through their craft. Whether you're looking for something to beautify your home, to wear, or even to give as door gifts at your wedding, these tastefully crafted handiworks are sure to be the perfect conversation piece. As we usher in the new year, it's also a great time to add some colors into our lives in 2022 with these works of art!

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