5 Awesome Hacks For Long-Haul Flying

By Halal Trip | 04, Oct, 2017
5 Awesome Hacks For Long-Haul Flying


Getting the opportunity to travel far is a luxury many only dreams of enjoying. If you are someone lucky enough to get such a chance, you must already know that along with this comes the need for long-haul flights. While being on a plane for long hours may sound daunting, there are enough and more ways to be comfortable on a long flight. To help you survive and make the most out of the long journey ahead of you, we have put together some useful tips for getting through a long flight. Take a look at these travel hacks for long flights that include what to take on a long-haul flight, how to pass the time on a long flight and much more that will help make your journey comfortable and enjoyable at the same time.

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1.     Pick an outfit that provides maximum comfort

Thinking of ways to be comfortable on a long flight, your choice of clothes is right on top of the list. Light breathable clothes are the best option for such a flight; this also includes your choice of footwear. Since you might feel cold along the way, layering is a great way to cope with varying temperatures. This is also one of the great travel hacks for long flights because wearing extra clothes helps save luggage room and do not add extra weight.


2.     Exercise

This is one of the best tips for getting through a long flight. Exercise will help you in multiple ways. Going for a jog or engaging in a light workout will actually help you feel fit before the flight. It also serves as a mood booster to help with the nerves that might creep in. There are also a few in-seat exercises you can quietly try out to help ease the discomfort arising from swollen feet and other posture-related issues of staying in the same place for long. For a few minutes at least every hour, lift your feet slightly off the ground and rotate them at the ankles. Also roll your shoulders forwards and backwards to ease upper body discomfort.


3.     Keep yourself entertained

How to pass the time on a long flight is definitely a question that will be running through your mind and there are quite a number of ways to do this. Having your favourite playlist, preferably something that will help you fall asleep is a great option. You should also carry along something that does not run down your battery. An adult colouring book, Sudoku puzzles or a journal to document your travel experiences are some good old-fashioned means of keeping yourself entertained.


4.     Pack the essentials

Long haul flights often take off and land on two different days, so it is very important to have some personal care items in a travel pouch that you can use before you land. Some of the essential items include a toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, moisturizer and lip balm. Travel comfort accessories like a neck pillow, eye mask, earplugs and compression socks are also useful items among what to take on a long-haul flight.


5.     Book the best seat

Another of the important ways to survive a long-haul flight is to pick the right seat. It is always best to pre-book a seat and is even a top secret of how to fly comfortably in economy class. In this way, you can book a first-row seat so you have enough leg room, and of course stay clear of the person ahead of you reclining their seat. You can also pick a window seat where you get a side to lean on and can control the light exposure you get.


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