Traveling The World With A Single Backpack? We've Got 5 Awesome Travel Hacks For You

By Halal Trip | 17, Sep, 2018
Traveling The World With A Single Backpack? We've Got 5 Awesome Travel Hacks For You

Conserve your energy and look at great packing hacks for your backpacking adventure, and avoid unnecessary stressful situations with great backpacker advice. Getting closer to nature and backpacking through some beautiful destinations on cheap holidays can give you amazing experiences. However, knowing how and what to pack will help you avoid over-packing or dealing with an enormous backpack you cannot carry.



1. Select The Right Backpack

This is some great backpacker advice when it comes to backpacking for beginners since most of them go for the larger ones. It’s important to have a backpack that is not larger than your body so that it won’t be too heavy to carry around – and this leaves you more vulnerable to pickpockets. Make sure your backpack has inner pockets where you can store money, passports or valuables when necessary. The top flap should also have enough space to store things as well, and some other great features to have are side mesh pockets to store water bottles or inner and outer zipper pockets.

2. Choose Comfort Over Fashion

Clothes to include in your lightweight backpacking packing list should be breathable, comfortable and durable clothing that you can easily wear more than once. Items that won’t show stains as much are great too. Backpacking adventures will involve moving from different places, and you need to be comfortable while exploring the new destination. Dressing down can help avoid attracting the attention of thieves – sticking out too much with fancy jewelry is unnecessary. You can even wear a money belt or holder under your clothes to store money, passports, and your phone too.

3. Pack Half The Toiletries You Need

A lightweight backpacking packing list will not include heavy bottles of toiletries or grooming products. So, pack enough just for an overnight stay. But what if you run out of products? You can easily buy things such as shampoo, toothpaste, conditioner and more from small local shops at a destination. However, you can carry a small ziplock bag of washing powder to wash your clothes when necessary.

4. Waterproof Your Bags

Waterproofing your backpack is very important if your journey will include crossing rivers or if you have to deal with rain. Some cheap backpacking tips include using heavy-duty trash bags – or you can even buy dry bags or rucksack liners to wrap your backpack quite effectively. For extra precautions, you can pack smaller items in zip lock bags. Another good piece of backpacker advice is to use hard beeswax to waterproof your rucksack, shoes or any other items you want to protect – you can combine this with the previous hack.

5. Less Is More

What do you need for backpacking? Give this travel hack a try – lay out everything you think you will need to take on your trip, and then pack only half of the items you have selected. This might not be easy to do, but when you master light traveling everything will be easier. Make a lightweight backpacking packing list and take the basic clothes and items you really need. Regarding footwear, carrying just two pairs of shoes will do and these can include flip-flops and light-weight shoes. Don’t forget to use packing cubes if you need to keep things organised and create more space.

Going on a backpacker holiday can be an amazing and hassle-free travel experience now that you are armed with best backpacking tips and tricks – so do try them out!


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