Still A Newbie When It Comes To Traveling? Here Are 5 Awesome Travel Hacks When Packing For Your Next Trip

By Halal Trip | 19, Sep, 2018
Still A Newbie When It Comes To Traveling? Here Are 5 Awesome Travel Hacks When Packing For Your Next Trip
Traveling can be quite overwhelming sometimes, which is why using the coolest travel hacks to help you pack will be extremely helpful. Being aware of how to pack your travel bag can actually help you have a less stressful vacation - and you won’t have to deal with too much of luggage either. Have a look at these smart travel hacks that are listed below before you start packing.

1. Give Yourself A Good Layout!

Before you start packing, give yourself a good gauge on the things you are bringing on the trip. Then visually map out how you are going to pack them. Always roll instead of fold when it comes to packing your clothes – this is probably one of the best space-saving hacks for packing your suitcase. This is especially helpful if you're going on a long holiday.
But if you have clothes that get wrinkled easily, place them in a dry-cleaning bag and fold it as you normally would – you can even roll items like blazers inside-out to prevent wrinkles. Another great way to save space is to simply lay items flat in the suitcase, you can place shawls or scarfs over other clothes and even separate items to be more organised. Laying items flat is also ideal for bulky items like your winter or denim jackets.

2. Packing Cubes!

Using packing cubes are some of the smart travel hacks for someone who wants to stay organised and know what is inside each bag. Packing cubes come in different sizes and colours making it much easier to colour-code your things, but also compress everything together and create more space.
You can simply remove your packing cubes out of your suitcase without having to unpack completely – they are also waterproof and protect your clothes from getting wrinkled. Packing cubes are also great for you to separate soiled clothings from the clean ones. A great way to reduce on plastics!

3. Use Canvas Tote Bags

Have tons of canvas tote bags lying around? Use them to keep your shoes! If you're bringing spare shoes or slippers, this is a great way to store them, making sure that it does not takes up too much space. If you have mini dust bags as well, you can store smaller items such as jewelry or phone chargers. These are some of the smart travel hacks that will really come in handy for frequent fliers!
This could also be your life savior if you needed an extra bag to combine all your last minute shopping! 

4. Pack Liquids and Toiletries Separately

You can put items that contain liquids in a zip lock bag so they remain protected and don’t leak. For extra precautions, you can place a small square of plastic wrap between the lid and the opening of tube or bottles to prevent any spilling. When you know how to pack your travel bag, you can easily avoid potential mishaps such your favourite shampoo or conditioner leaking all over other items – which can be very messy.
Alternatively, you might want to get yourself a water resistant travel toiletries pouch. You can use this on your subsequent trips. You might even find space to keep your chargers or contact lens cases!
If you are carrying your favourite perfume, you easily stuff the bottle into pairs of socks. You might als want to purchase a refillable perfume atomiser. This enables to to transfer perfume from the original bottle to a smaller bottle for you to bring on your trip. If you are really worried about things getting damaged, place a ‘fragile’ sticker onto your luggage so that it will automatically be moved to the top of the baggage pile.

5. Plan Your Outfits

Sometimes the best way to pack a suitcase and include the things that you need is to plan things according to what you will wear while on holiday. For example, you can pack two t-shirts that would go with a pair of jeans and include sandals or sneakers that would go with the outfit. By planning your outfits, you will be able to save space, prevent over packing and also avoid lugging a heavy backpack or suitcase around if you will be moving from different cities quite frequently.
Now that you know how to pack your travel bag with these awesome travel hacks, you can be sure to have stress-free travel experience.

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