5 Awesome Travel Hacks That Will Save You Money

By Halal Trip | 12, Sep, 2017
5 Awesome Travel Hacks That Will Save You Money

Avoid going over your travel budget - with these simple travel hacks to avoid being completely broke once you go home. Traveling to a dream destination or getaway is something a lot of people would love to do but are held back due to a tight budget. But do have a look at some money-saving travel tips that will be useful – especially when planning a holiday on a budget.

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1. Look Out For Great Online Deals

Some of the best holiday tips and tricks to help you save money include keeping an eye out for offers and deals from your favourite airlines. You can sign up for their newsletters, follow their social media pages or visit their website to check out updates. Additionally, some other money saving travel tips include checking out online coupons, which is another great way to save money on accommodation or flights – so have a look at coupon sites that offer some discounts. Don’t forget to try out this budget traveling trick too – have a look at online hotel booking websites and consider doing some last minute booking in less than a week. Most hotels are willing to take on last minute bookings for a much lower price than having no booking at all.


2. Carry Out Searches Using The Incognito Mode

How to save money on flight tickets and accommodation? One of the smart holiday tips and tricks include carrying out searches on airline and booking websites using the incognito mode on your internet browser. The cookies that are saved onto to your browser keep tabs on how often you return to the website - and apparently, this is a reason you are shown the highest prices. Clearing the cached items, cookies or your entire browser history can be done too.


3. Plan Out Budget-friendly Activities

If you are wondering how to save money while on vacation, some simple holiday tips and tricks include doing a bit of research on the budget friendly activities that can be enjoyed. Don’t forget to visit traveler or backpacker blogs to learn more on how to make the most of the local transport, entertainment, food and more. Some money saving travel tips also includes going on free walking tours - this is available in many countries and you simply tip the tour guide for the free tour. You can even avoid pre-paid excursions and travel to attractions by using local transport and explore interesting spots with a local tour guide.


4. Always Check The Currency Rates

Before making bookings on any travel or booking website, make sure you check the conversion rates to get a better deal. Another one of the best money saving travel tips is to make a booking in the website’s local currency to get a better price. The prices on websites will vary when it comes to different currencies, and checking the rates is ideal for those who want to know how to save money on flight tickets and hotels. Don’t forget to check if a high amount of fees will be charged to your debit or credit when making purchases or withdrawals too.


5. Travel In A Group

A vacation with friends or family can not only be a memorable experience for everyone – but you can cover travel, entertainment, and even accommodation expenses too. There are some great travel tour packages that you can go on to travel with friends and family. When traveling with a larger group, expenses will be covered easily and there will be more funds to do more activities.

Don’t miss on traveling to your dream destinations - try out these excellent money-saving travel tips while looking making your travel plans.