5 Awesome Travel Hacks When Traveling With Your Teens

By Halal Trip | 13, Sep, 2017
5 Awesome Travel Hacks When Traveling With Your Teens


As you plan your family vacation, you would be looking forward to spending time with your family, that is, every member of your family, together. But as all of you who have a teenager would already know, teens tend to live in a world of their own and often do not like to be a part of all the conventional family activities. Still, you may have noticed that some families seem to have mastered the art of traveling with teens, and this might make you want to find out their secrets for fabulous family vacations. Here are some helpful travel tips for parents that have been tried and tested to help you enjoy the perfect trip abroad with your entire family.

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1) Get them involved in planning the vacation

Teens often do not like to be told what to do. That is why one of the first tips for traveling with a teen is to get them involved right from the start. This makes them feel important and treated in a more adult like manner when they do; there is a lesser chance they would rebel against the choices being made. Getting everyone involved in the planning stage is also one of the main tips for better family travel because you can take into account all your different interests and come up with an itinerary to cover all of them. Since your teen knows what is going to take place during the holiday, they are less likely to rebel against an activity just before it begins. And as a bonus to all you parents, your teen won’t be able to complain about an activity he or she picked in the first place.


2) Let them do the research for you

While planning a family vacation together might seem fun, you should also give your teen the chance to handle an activity or two on their own as well. Since they probably will be the most digitally savvy members of your family, let them research possible accommodation options and things to do. When you set budgetary guidelines, this helps them learn how to manage expenditures as well. Also, when they reach the destination, they would know what to expect, leaving less room to complain.


3) Teach them accountability but also make sure they are comfortable

Teenagers absolutely hate the thought of parents going through their stuff. That is why you should leave them to pack their own stuff. Explain to them the importance of maintaining a specific luggage weight and have them prepare a packing list and run it by you just to make sure they don’t miss anything important like footwear, clothing, and most importantly their mobile charger!


4) Allow them to connect with their friends but also ask if they could unplug occasionally

Invest in a good travel data plan or at least make sure the hotels you stay in provide Wi-Fi. This is one of the key tips for traveling with a teen because you do not want to be faced with an angry teen who cannot communicate with his or her friends back at home. Allowing them to share their experiences will make them happier and you too would find it rewarding to watch them speak fondly about their travels or share pictures from the adventures you enjoy together as a family. But do remind them to unplug at least once in a while so they can enjoy the real world experiences as well.


5) Give them some alone time

This is one of the best secrets for fabulous family vacations. It is obvious that all of you would not share the same interests. That is why you should leave the room to enjoy different experiences. Having a tight schedule of sightseeing activities will make them feel constrained and somewhat exhausted, so set sound ground rules and let them wander off to a nearby coffee shop or shopping mall, or even let them sleep in at the hotel while you explore a museum or some other activity they are not too enthusiastic about trying out.