Banana Oat Chocolate Blender Muffins

By Halal Trip | 14, Sep, 2016
Banana Oat Chocolate Blender Muffins

So I made muffins in a blender today!

The genius of this lies in: less washing up and less transfer between bowls, therefore less effort in trying not to waste residual food in the transfer process. Less stress from not being able to lick said bowls too (when fasting that is).

So, blender muffins. Flourless sugar-free blender muffins. I sense your excitement.

The Recipe

I discovered this on Well Plated, and I didn’t really mess with the recipe too much.

  1. Unless your blender is super tough, I’d stick the two bananas in first and mush them so they don’t get ignored later. Unless you want banana globs. It has been said that one can never have too many banana globs.

  2. Then add the 2 cups oats with the 2 eggs. I don’t really know how well the oats get buzzed in a blender since I actually grinded them first because that’s always fun to   do. But it looks like it should work anyway.

  3. I’m always cautious with yoghurt in desserts, this time I put about 1/3 cup yoghurt and that seemed just right.

  4. I think I put about 5 tbs honey because I didn’t want to risk a not-so-sweet situation what with having to feed two other fizzles and all.

  5. 1 ½ tsp baking powder, ½ tsp baking soda, 1 cap of vanilla and ah yes I forgot the salt but there’s that too. 

  6. Post-blending is the chocolate. ½ cup…1 cup…whatever feels right in the moment is my chocolate approach.

Because our oven can be a bit of a drama queen when you put it over 190 degrees I left them in for 15 mins on 180 and it was pretty much perfectly done. I’m guessing that all depends on climate though and since I only speak tropical you might be better off following the original recipe. (15 mins on 200 degrees).

I’m also starting to notice that oat flour-based things don’t really get browned. Well I assume they do eventually but at the point at which they’re actually done they haven’t really changed colour. Just a theory, I’ll keep you posted on its development.

These turned out more like cupcakes than muffins in texture but you’ll find no objections to that here. But calling them muffins makes them feel more acceptable as a breakfast food so I’ll stick with that.

They’re moist and chewy and overall reach a lazy day watching TV on the happiness scale.

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