The Barakah Effect: More with Less

By Maryam Aftab Kola | 16, Jan, 2024
The Barakah Effect: More with Less

Books have the power to reshape perceptions and notions and fundamentally alter the trajectory of our lives. They serve as catalysts for growth, knowledge, and creativity. In the realm of literary creations, renowned executive coach and author Mohammed Faris has recently introduced his latest book, "The Barakah Effect: More with Less".

This spiritual self-help book highlights the profound significance of the Islamic concept of Barakah in both personal and professional spheres and provides practical wisdom and advice on how to experience and live with Barakah.

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What is Barakah?

The Barakah Effect provides a refreshing perspective that resonates with readers from all walks of life. At its core, Barakah is defined as the attachment of divine benevolence to a thing. It essentially embodies the concept of achieving more with less.

For instance, if there's Barakah in your time, you could do more within the same time frame. Similarly, if there's Barakah in your food, you might eat little but feel very satisfied; if there's Barakah in your wealth, your income and savings seem to go a long way.


The Barakah Effect Book Overview
The Barakah Effect book

The magic of books lies in readers immersing themselves in the words within those pages. Spanning 14 chapters, The Barakah Effect helps professionals and organisations connect the concept of Barakah to the present-day rat race and hustle culture. It reminds oneself of life’s fleeting nature and the importance of aligning with an eternal purpose.

Furthermore, it gives insights into the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) from the perspective of Barakah and ways to incorporate his blessed routine into our lives.


Author's Background
Mohammed Faris

Founder of The Productive Muslim Company, a faith-based training and coaching company, and author of the best-selling book, "The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity", Faris draws on years of extensive research, training, and coaching to present practical wisdom and actionable advice through his writings.


Invitation to Readers

The Barakah Effect invites readers to unlock the transformative power of Barakah in their lives. By weaving together traditional Islamic knowledge, contemporary research, and insightful anecdotes, this book serves as a practical guide on Barakah and empowers readers to build a life centered on this principle, which serves as a beacon of light in today’s challenging times.

You can read more about the book and get a copy of "The Barakah Effect" here!

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