Beautiful Bali - Is the Food Halal?

By Halal Trip | 08, Jun, 2016
Beautiful Bali - Is the Food Halal?

If you're looking for Halal food in Bali, this article is for you. Bali is one of the top tourist destinations in the world with wildlife, nature and beautiful islands to visit. However, finding restaurants and hotels serving Halal food in Bali is not too hard, but most places will not have a 100% Halal-certification.

Most of Balinese cuisine contains pork, but there are plenty of other dishes that you can enjoy. Well-known items like sate are prepared with chicken, beef and other meats including pork and might sometimes be placed together. The main issue in almost all places is that food is not served as 100% Halal, but is usually free of pork and pork-based items and alcohol. Before you order your meal, ask the owner or manager of the restaurant about the food items they serve.


Where to Find Halal Food in Bali

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Denpasar, Kuta and Seminyak have become popular tourist spots for Muslims in Bali since there are a number of Muslim-owned warungs or street vendors. There are many of warungs who sell local cuisine and Muslims in Bali can experience traditional and authentic food too.

Some cafés and warungs in Jimbaran noted for their seafood do not serve pork or alcohol but it is always better if you check before ordering.

In Ubud, the uplands of Bali, there are places with vegetarian options but first inquire if they serve alcohol as most them do. You can stick to ordering seafood and vegetarian items but ask the staff beforehand whether any pork is a part of the meal preparation.


Halal Restaurants in Bali to Visit

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Most of the chain restaurants like Pizza Hut, McDonalds and KFC are Halal-certified but then you would miss out on traditional cuisine.

Most Muslims in Bali also recommend the Nasi Padang restaurant chain which is not only Halal certified, but owned by Muslims too.

In the Discovery shopping mall you can even find restaurants in the food court with the Halal logo displayed. Before going ahead with your travel plans get online, search for Halal-certified restaurants and make a list when you can, just to be prepared or ask any friends for their recommendations.

For more information about Nasi Padang, click here!


Finding Muslim-Friendly Facilities in Bali

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To ensure Muslim-friendly holidays, the less stressful way to go would be by traveling on a Halal tour package where you are assured you will be taken to restaurants that serve Halal food in Bali and stay in hotels with Muslim-friendly facilities in Bali. For a Muslim honeymoon in Bali, look for special tour packages with meals and entertainment included as there are holiday villas you can stay in and be directed to Halal restaurants for meals. 

But there is a significant rise in Muslim tourists from Asia and the Middles East, so hotels are now trying to provide more Muslim-friendly facilities in Bali to make visiting Muslims in Bali feel more welcome. You will find mosques located in Denpasar, North and South Kuta and Nusa Dua.

Traveling Muslims in Bali can now experience Muslim-friendly holidays since there are Halal certified hotels and villas that can be checked for their certification online, or by getting information from the management.

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