8 Beauty Hacks While Traveling

By Rashmi Wickramasinghe | 19, Apr, 2019
8 Beauty Hacks While Traveling

Travelling is great! You get to explore new places, taste incredible food and take some enviable photos, but it also isn’t the most accommodating when it comes to your beauty regime. You may be an au naturel type of gal or you may be the girl who stays glam 24/7, but don’t let the travel blues get to you, you can maintain your beauty routine just fine.

Here are some beauty hacks that will help you glow throughout your trip!


1. Stay hydrated!

Yes, starting with the obvious because you cannot be reminded enough!

Flights aren’t the most fun part of travelling and can be quite tedious, especially long-haul flights. Therefore, it is important to stay hydrated as much as possible, have a bottle of water handy and keep your fave moisturiser at hand at all times!

Long flights can cause your skin to dehydrate especially due to the air conditioning in airports and on the flight. If you are travelling to a city or country with a warmer climate use a light moisturiser or a face mist, this way you’ll feel fresh at all times avoiding being sticky and feeling gross.

Also, always carry a lip balm for those chapped lips.

Bonus tip: If you are prone to oily skin keep tissues handy, and dab your face lightly.


2. Keep that mane oil free

Flying usually means you are deprived of a shower, so by the time you land at your destination you will have an oily scalp with lanky hair devoid of volume. The answer is dry shampoo! Spray the dry shampoo to the roots of the hair and tousle your hair to ensure even application. The powdery consistency of the shampoo absorbs the oils and makes your scalp and hair fresh and oil free.


3. Multi-purpose makeup

You don’t have to carry all of your make-up with you when on holiday.

Your lipstick can serve as an eyeshadow and blush, bronzer and highlighter can be used as eyeshadow as well. If you are a fan of foundation, use BB or CC creams, they act as a moisturiser and light foundation. Use tinted lip balms in place of lipsticks; they add a pop of colour and keep your lips hydrated.


4. Pack smart

Packing cosmetic products can be a hassle with trying to fit them all into one makeup bag and then trying to make that bag fit in with the other luggage. A hanging toiletry bag would be the best solution! They come as foldable mesh cases in which you can easily organise your cosmetics and other items, these cases can be rolled up and will easily fit in with your luggage.

You just have to pack all the items into this one bag that can easily be rolled out and hung in the bathroom or by the vanity table, and everything will be in one place. No last minute fretting trying to find that mascara or your favourite lipstick. These bags can be found on Amazon and Ali Express.

Bonus tip: You can also pack your makeup in ziplock bags and place them inside a pillowcase, which will help to make more room for other stuff. It’s the small things that count!


5. Sunscreen!

Say good bye to bad sun burns.

Sunscreen is not only a priority for beach vacations, if you are going to a sunny destination a sunscreen is a must. Sunscreens can be quite thick and sticky, but you can find lightweight solutions. There are moisturisers which have an SPF included in them, these are ideal as they will keep your skin hydrated and protected from harmful UV rays, also foundations and BB creams with SPF.

Be sure to pay a visit to your dermatologist to determine the right SPF and the best sunscreen for your skin.


6. All these bottles!

There’s no need to carry all your shampoo bottles, foundation and other cosmetic containers on the trip.

Recycle small used bottles to put your shampoo and lotions into, you can even easily purchase these travel size refillable containers at a supermarket or online (eg: Ali Express). This way you save up on space for more essential items, also reducing the weight you will be carrying.


7. Periods while travelling?

Maybe you got lucky and managed to plan your holiday around your menstrual cycle or you are not so lucky, but that’s ok! You can’t always let your period get in the way of having fun. So always be sure to pack an emergency period care kit – Pads, tampons or menstrual cup, wet wipes and, paracetamol or over the counter painkillers to keep the cramps at bay.

Period fact: While on the flight you may notice that your flow rate is low and upon landing lo’ and behold, the flow increases – this is nothing to be worried about, as this may be due to the pressure difference in the sky compared to sea level. Your periods may even get delayed due to travel anxiety.


8. Go makeup free!

As fun as makeup is sometimes it’s always better to go completely makeup free! You’ll look fabulous in photos regardless, all you gotta do is slap on some moisturiser, a nice coating of lipbalm, relax, smile, and completely immerse yourself in the experience!

Happy travels beauties!

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