9 Must-Stay Airbnb in Osaka For ANY Budget

By Assia Hamdi | 19, Nov, 2020
9 Must-Stay Airbnb in Osaka For ANY Budget

Perhaps the lesser-known little sibling to Tokyo, Osaka is the slightly rebellious, night owl, and modern financial city of Japan. Osaka is home to a massive cityscape phenomenon and an impressive night skyline. This city is filled with inventive and clever buildings showcasing wonderful Airbnbs.

We're here to guide your journey into finding the perfect home or perhaps homes for your Osaka stay. It may be worth the experience to book a capsule stay for at least one night just to enjoy the uncommon opportunity. Who said that you have to book one place for all your stay? If you're up for the adventure then why not book more than one of these Airbnb's.

If you are travelling as a group or a family then this home offers the comforts of a home with the added luxury of hotel elegance.


Modern Japanese Airbnb

best places to stay in osaka

where to stay near osaka castle

Unique traits: Central Location, cute decor, magic shows

If you are looking for a place that has class, character, and care then why not consider this modern Japanese home. It houses up to 4 people and has an extremely central place in Osaka with close access to popular locations like Osaka castle (13 min walk), Tennoji Zoo/Tsutenkaku (15-20min walk), and Abeno Harukas( 10min walk). The place was carefully designed to create a safe cocoon of comfort and even includes a foot massage machine for all the walking you might do in Osaka. If you are a fan of magic tricks and clever slights of hand then you can also request a magic show in your home or the shared lobby in the building,

Check out this Airbnb listing here.


Simple homes with necessary features and warm hospitality, these affordable Airbnbs don't let down!


Deep-in Osaka R172

Unique traits: Large space, Old port town, homely 

This 3 bedroom house is a home that provides the necessary comfort for your stay with enough space for a family or group of friends. You will not be cramped for space in the 10-meter living room. This home is situated in the old port town of Osaka. The district has tried to amplify this great touristic location; it is home to modern touristic ventures such as the Universal Studios Japan and Osaka Aquarium.

Check out this Airbnb listing here.


Enzo Chidoridibashi

Where to stay in Osaka

Unique traits: Accessibility to stations, cheap

This home is the epitome of a good bargain. Simple and modern, the home provides you with 3 beds for less than $10 a night during prime seasons. The closest station is 2 minutes away and it is less than 15 minutes away from 5 other stations! This is best for short stays where you only need a place to sleep and to cook instant ramen. It is located a few km away from the Universal studio Japan and Kuchu Teien observatory, allowing you to walk around and enjoy the versatile neighborhood.

Check out this Airbnb listing here.


Chikas bunk bedroom

Airbnb Osaka, Japan

Unique traits: Female-only, long-term stays, parks

This hostel-style accommodation provides two separate floors one dedicated to women only and another for mixed genders. This cheap but homely option offers you free breakfast and free reign of the kitchen, its utensils, and bathroom. The location of this place could be great for people looking for a place to stay long term without breaking the bank. There are coin laundry services nearby, a cheap convenience store for snacking and groceries, and a drug store. In terms of tourist attractions, this Airbnb is located next to beautiful parks such as Hamadera park known for its rose garden and cherry blossoms.

Check out this Airbnb listing here.


Osaka is the ingenious innovator of the capsule bed, hence it only makes sense to list Capsule-pod Airbnbs in Osaka.


KICHINAN capsule hostel

Airbnb Osaka Japan

osaka accomodation

Unique traits: Photography Lovers, Osaka Castle, Japanese details. 

Capsule hostels originally started with the concept of affordability and singularity. Over the years style and character have developed to create a distinctive experience at each Capsule hostel. This Hostel provides you with a homely traditional Japanese style of sleeping on a hard surface with a comfy mattress. The owner also has a darkroom for those who are budding photographers and his passion for Japanese aesthetics and art can be felt from the decoration and attention to minute details. The location is ideal for history geeks who want to be close to the Osaka Castle and the ground it dominated in the past. 

Check out this Airbnb listing here.


Domi Otoyadoikuha in Kyoto

where to stay in osaka

osaka accomodation

Unique traits: Hostel, Capsule and Hotel experience, music 

This next Airbnb is the craziest amalgamation of a hostel, capsule, and a hotel. The space provided with the bed is the equivalent to tiny homes found on youtube. You will find yourself in a mini private room that almost resembles a bunk bed and room. If you are an experience seeker then this dormitory for you, this unique Airbnb does it all. The theme of music runs throughout the place providing guests. This space’s historic journey started as an old Japanese folk house and was eventually transformed into a shared hostel. It must be warned that there is a bar on the first floor. 

Check out this Airbnb listing here.


NERAREL Hostel No.06

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Unique traits: Amenities, Good location

This capsule-pod lodging provides their esteemed guests with options of private rooms, unisex dormitory, and female-only dormitories. The shared places provide you an abundance of toiletries including cleansing oils, foams, toothbrushes, and even curling irons. The space is modern and earthy with sublime woodwork and more than enough space for comfort. The location of this hostel is only a 1-minute walk to the station, easily connecting you to Osaka. It is incredibly close to famous tourist destinations such as Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi, and Kuromon Market, only a 5 minute walk away.

Check out this Airbnb listing here.


If you can afford the opulence Osaka offers then do not hesitate to check out:


House with Playroom

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nicest airbnb osaka, best airbnb japan

Unique traits: Superhost, playhouse, interior gardens 

As the name suggests this home has a playroom but this home is also impressive with 4 bedrooms, bikes in the garage, a beautiful interior garden, grandiose spaces, fascinating furniture, a sleek black and white marble bathroom, colorful toilets, and a fully equipped kitchen. This home is ideal for families travelling with lots of children and even pets.

Check out this Airbnb listing here.


BijouSuites AI PREMIUM

best place to stay in osaka

best place to stay in osaka

Unique Traits: Superhost, cinema, large groups

This premium home is not premium just by name– a seamless design of old Japanese elements paired with modern furniture and traits creates a fascinating home that has not disappointed a single guest. The rating for this home is a complete 5* and this should come as no surprise when you have a choice between a TV and projector, a kitchen free to use, tatami rooms for dining and sleeping as well as plush beds. This place sleeps up to 8 people. 

Check out this Airbnb listing here.

We hope these choices guide you into making the right decision for your unique experience in Osaka. 

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